Vulnerability + Tarot Readings

One of the surprising parts of attending the Readers’ Studio tarot conference this past week was that it involved lots of hands-on tarot practice. During each master class we’d all swap readings with each other, testing out our new techniques.

As a professional tarot reader, I don’t often find myself on the other side of the table. If I need a reading, I’ll often give one to myself (hey, it’s quite convenient!), so it was humbling and eye-opening to be on the receiving end.

And here’s what really struck me:

Getting your cards read by another person is a very vulnerable experience.

Your questions, dreams, issues and more are all out on the table. And how often do we find ourselves the sole object of attention in our lives? You certainly do in a tarot reading! The space is all for you to unravel and explore whatever’s on your mind.

It’s healing, powerful, and much different that our usual mode of communicating “in real life.”

As the conference progressed I touched on many of the central questions in my life right now with multiple people. It was fascinating to see how this contact - getting ideas that are normally trapped in my head - transformed my thinking. Stuck areas started feeling ligter. My brain was moving in interesting new directions, and my emotions and body, too.

So if you find yourself receiving a tarot reading or are curious to try one, know that while it might feel intense at first to be on the spot, doing so with a trusted friend or expert is a beautifully transformative experience. It certainly was for me.