Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Queens

In this series we'll be diving into the world of the Minor Arcana. Each segment will group the cards by number where we can engage in their themes and differences. For all the posts in the installment, click here.

Queens are having quite a cultural moment now, from the ubiquitous "Yaas Queen" (or Kween, Qween, etc.) to the trend of calling admired celebrities "Queens." And, indeed, who could resist this powerful archetype? 

The Queens in tarot share the work of ruling with the Kings. Though they are traditionally gendered as female, they can represent anyone who embodies their energies. As rulers they've mastered their suit but, unlike the Kings, they're more interested in expressing this power creatively rather than authoritatively. 

Each Queen focuses on their suit and element with an open curiosity. When they appear in readings they denote periods of openness, power, and expressiveness. They're flexible, dynamic, and irresistibly in tune with themselves. As such, they make for inspiring cards that combine competence with awareness of the world around them. 

The Queens ask us to see how we're using our abilities. Are we hiding it from ourselves, shrinking from the spotlight? Being in control doesn't have to mean being closed off, stuck, or harsh. Accepting these cards can lead to great personal satisfaction and public support and acclaim. 

Let's take a closer look at how this stance is reflected in each suit:

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The Queen of Wands is perhaps the most overtly charismatic of the group. She's learned to ground the fiery passion of wands in actions and values. She's a vivacious presence in any situation, creative and charming, but also dependable and fiercely independent. 

The Queen of Swords is just, respected, and intellectually formidable. Weilding a powerful understanding of the world and how it works she is an expert at navigating tricky situations, condensing complex issues into simpler truths, and making hard decisions. Always a trusted advisor, this Queen trusts her perceptions and revels in learning about the world around her.

The Queen of Cups is adept at navigating the waters of emotion and connection. She's able to hold space for others while honoring her own experience. Always caring and receptive, she sees the talents in all she encounters and delights in fostering connections and building alliances. A natural healer, this Queen wants to awaken people to their intuition and spirituality. 

And finally, the Queen of Pentacles shows up in the world with magnetic decadence. Deeply connected to the natural world and all its pleasures, she has built an impressive life for herself and knows how to be practical and pragmatic in order to live the life she wants. Valuing coziness and deeper meaning, she uses her resources to aid others and better the world.

What about you? How do the Queens show up in your tarot practice? How do you relate to them personally? Share in the comments below, and be sure to do something bold and adventurous today in celebration of these formidable and alluring cards.