Weekly Forecast: June 25 - July 1

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Forecast Nine of Wands, Page of Cups, Ten of Cups

This week's reading greets us with a powerful array of cards: The Queen of Cups, The Chariot, and The Magician. In the next few days we have all the tools in front of us to make big and bold strides towards what we really want. All signs point to go and, most importantly, our motivations are coming from a good and grounded place.

The Queen of Cups sets the tone for the action to come. This card is an elegant embodiment of true emotional awareness brought to life by carefully cultivated boundaries. The Queen of Cups is generous, supportive, and emotionally wise. She gives, but is not depleted because she knows the importance of tending to herself, her experiences, and her needs. Only then can her powers regenerate themselves. Her giving, therefore, is sustainable and rooted in self-love and self-respect.

This card's presence in the beginning of our reading tells us that we've been doing a wonderful job of being receptive to our desires - tending to our personal gardens - and letting our generosity and relationship to others spring from this joyful and fulfilled place. Looking deeper into this image we can see that the Queen's throne is built on a sandy shore. She's seated firmly on the ground, in touch with the material world and very stable. Part of her robes, however, flow gently into the sea and their pattern even mimics the gentle ripples on the water.

Similarly, we've been tending to our physical selves while practicing gentle awareness of the emotional currents swirling around us. It's only through the stability in our daily lives that we can maintain this balance. We aren't getting swept away into deeper waters - into other people's drama, perhaps, or into speculation, worry, and projection. This has allowed us to peer intently into a great gift that's coming into focus. There's something big and tender that we want to pursue. Like the cup in the Queen's hands, it's right in front of us, and we've been getting to know its contours and details. This cup will appear differently for all of us, yet its common thread is a deep emotional connection. This is something we feel strongly about, something important, visionary, and maybe a little tender. 

Regardless, this big dream is coming closer and closer to reality. 

And what better card to usher our dreams into something real than The Chariot? Oftentimes this card brings with it a great deal of ego and bluster. In this case, however, we can look at The Chariot as an offshoot of The Queen of Cups. Our dreaming, feeling selves are ready to manifest. The Chariot, then, is just the person (or persona) to get the job done. 

These two cards show us shifting from an internally focused, planning mindset into the exciting realm of action. This week is an excellent time to begin the first steps of this new journey. Enough plans have been laid and, in fact, the missing pieces need action in order to be uncovered. We can trust that our motivations are pure and move forward confidently. 

It may be worth mentioning that this shift is also indicative of a healthy self-centeredness. By that I mean that worrying too much about what others think will only hold us back, particularly if we're imagining all sorts of scenarios where we're stepping on other people's toes simply by taking up space with our dreams and goals. The Chariot tells us to move confidently, knowing that The Queen of Cups is truly the one guiding the reins and that our confidence and focus is rooted in wisdom.

The Chariot's adventures in our lives this week are building a wonderful energy. If you look at these three cards we see a move from one court card to two Major Arcana cards. This shows us that an important growth and amplification of our powers is taking place. With The Magician we can see a magnificent growth in confidence. Towards the end of the week we'll have so many more details about our plans and new ideas about what to do next. With focus, dedication, and joy we can easily carry this energy forward and bring important ideas and goals into reality.