Weekly Forecast: February 4-10

Three Card Reading Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

I like to think of the Aces as seeds. They appear in your life with natural excitement. You can feel their potential as they move closer, starting first as a glimmering idea in the distance - maybe like one of those charming seed catalogs with vintage illustrations - and transforming into a very real thing, young and curled up tightly in the palm of your hand. 

You know that if you plant the seed it will, with patient tending and care, grow into the beautiful plant on the package, and this week has the same feeling of delight. Something important has arrived and now has a tangible presence in our life. It's as if we planned out a dream garden, circling each plant in the catalog, and our order has finally arrived on the doorstep as the Ace of Pentacles.

Think of the feeling of anticipation - what is making you feel lit up, excited, and maybe even a little bit nervous? This Ace is one that's rooted in the everyday. This change we're hoping to cultivate requires a shift in our life and, what's more, it's something we deeply and truly want. 

And that's where The Devil comes in.

This figure, while initially frightening, has an impish quality about him. This version of The Devil, from the Pagan Other worlds Tarot, strikes me as particularly earthy - the same element as the pentacles. It's as if we're traipsing around with our new seed in hand, ready to make the commitment and plant it in our garden, and this irritating little goblin pops out from behind a rock to scare us. 

And here's another thing about seeds. We have to care for them, especially if we want them to grow into a majestic vine as shown in the Nine of Pentacles, the potential future that The Devil is blocking. 

Something about this new opportunity is triggering some deep-seated fears and doubts.  Because why on earth would something as intense as The Devil show up in response to a puny seed? 

When we look at the pentacles they reflect not only the idea of material and physical comfort, but the glowing reality of having a life that supports us and ushers in fulfillment and abundance. This takes investment in our self-worth and the bravery of asking for more. It shows us not settling for the bare minimum and daring to live bright lives that can grow into gardens beyond our imagination.

So that's why The Devil is so intent on squashing this seemingly-simple Ace. He knows that if we take the time to nurture this seed it will change our lives, make it better, and therefore challenge our long-held assumptions about ourselves: what we're capable of, what we can have, and who we can be. 

What's unique about this reading is that the Nine of Pentacles is in sight. We're aware of what lies on the other side and this shows us just how much work we've been doing to push ourselves to expand and test the limits of what we think is possible. Think back to past changes in your life that you've embraced and compare them to what you're facing now. What more do you know about your strength and power? How has The Devil of your self doubt faded and grown smaller?

This week, The Devil is a shade of his former self - more of a little goblin to flick aside and maybe even pat on the head lovingly, if we can muster the compassion, than a muscular and formidable being. And, indeed, as we travel through life our goal isn't to squash out The Devil we carry with us. This card arises from a distorted urge to protect ourselves, but it's no true help when we're protecting ourselves from success.

And so the Nine of Pentacles urges us to see how good a job we've done at channeling our Devil instincts for maintaining the status quo by breaking ourselves down with negative self-talk & blame into patience and calm. The hooded falcon perched atop the vine of pentacles shows us how  our devils can be transformed into helpful allies. 

Our instincts for self-preservation are slowly learning how to rest. Like the falcon, The Devil needs time to be trained into welcome submission. It must be exhausting running around squishing newly planted seeds and sabotaging our gardening efforts! Though the process is slow, we've come a long way getting to understand our aversion to success and instinct for self-sabotage.

This week is a time to mindfully calm our Devil-nature, knowing they are soon to be channeled into a well-behaved companion. And, most importantly, to continue with the work of valuing and working towards our goals because, as the Nine of Pentacles shows us, they're leading to some serious and wonderful abundance. The seeds we're planting are too beautiful to neglect, so let's get to the rewarding work of valuing and tending to our growth.