Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Pentacles


The Nine of Pentacles denotes both the lushness of material success and the power of harnessing one's instincts for focused action. In this card we can see immense comfort in the world: vines heavy with grapes, verdant leaves, and ornate clothing. Here we can see that our work has paid off and we're in a position to welcome others into a space we can be proud of. Reaching this place has required us to become acquainted with our impulses - represented by the falcon - that we've now tamed and used to our advantage. A lush garden isn't something one can maintain when spending frivolously or running about misdirected. From this place we can share our successes with those close to us and offer advice for others.


Wealth, success, plenty, self-possession, enjoyment. 

Appears As

Material success, enjoying the finer things in life, a healthy relationship with money, being able to provide for others, hosting events, being admired.