Rider Waite Smith Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Pentacles


This card shows a place of material and physical security. It's worthwhile to hold onto what we have (and what we have worked hard for). Equally important, however, is using this security to propel us forward. This card shows us the desire to keep things as they are and to value safety and security over expansion. In excess, this urge can cut off the outside world just as the figure shown here is using his coins (pentacles) to shield themselves from the world. Too much of this and we also cut ourselves off from a sense of groundedness (see the coins between the feet and the earth). The Four of Pentacles raises issues of comfort, having enough, and conservative worldviews. 


Self-sufficiency, material comfort, security, safety

Appears As

Financial stability, urge to protect, feeling secure in life, desire to remain the same, fear of financial instability, need for predictability, contentedness, desire to be invulnerable.