Happy Spring Equinox!


There've been small signs of Spring's arrival popping up all over Durham in the past few weeks. Our lawn has become peppered with tiny violets, the buds on our lilac are emerging, and bulbs I didn't even know were planted on our property have sprouted up - tall, vibrant daffodils and fragrant white hyacinth. It's our first Spring in our new house and everything feels like a discovery. Despite the snow in the forecast for tomorrow I'm ready to run headlong into this new season, sandals, sun dresses, and all. 

I thought I'd celebrate this exciting, long-overdue (in my opinion) first day of Spring with a tarot spread to chart our growth. One of my favorite part of this season is the sense of awakening we all experience. After having laid dormant in the winter, we perk up, get restless, clean and preen just like the creatures and plants around us. 

I hope you find this spread useful as you navigate this exciting change. I designed it to track the personal growth we're experiencing, with cards to identify they seeds we've planted in our lives and how they're emerging. Click on the image above for detailed instructions and don't forge to share if you have any illuminating experiences - I'd love to hear from you.