Weekend Send-Off

Garden blooms from this week

Garden blooms from this week

This week has been a wild and wooly one. I found myself swept up into a flurry of activities - lots of readings, get-togethers, and a few adventures to boot. Let's just say I'm happy to have some time this weekend to catch my breath and rest! Here are a few things that made my days sweeter as well as a card to frame this weekend.

Life-Affirming Tear-Fest - Won't You Be My Neighbor?

My fiance and I casually strolled into this movie expecting to feel some cozy childhood nostalgia and uplift. Well. Let's just say there wasn't a dry eye in the theater. Please go and see this movie even if you have just the slightest twinkle of curiosity. It's full of gorgeous insights into the human experience that (unfortunately) still sound radical today. I never realized how much I needed to cry freely in a theater full of strangers. It's nice to celebrate the special tenderness we all share.

Everyday Joy

Planning my next epic ritual bath. I don't take baths often, but when I do it's an occasion. I especially like to take on during full and new moons. New moon in Cancer? It's ritual bath time! All week I've been having fun playing around with ideas for it. What essential oils will I use? Herbs? Milk? I'm even toying around with adding a splash of rosé - what can I say, I'm feeling decadent. But someone did leave a bottle at my house from our last party...

Repeat Tarot Card

This Two of Cups has been showing its wonderful, tender self a lot lately, particularly when it comes to the giddy spark of mutual attraction. It reminds us to approach people and situations that make us blush with excitement, even if they seem intimidating. New relationships need extra tending, but they can grow into something strong and majestic over time. 

Listening, Reading, Watching

I'm still deep in Drawing Down the Moon (it's quite the tome at 500+ pages), though I have been dipping back into Benebell Wen's classic book Holistic Tarot for inspiration while working on some tarot spreads. For those of you learning tarot who want a "one-stop shop" kind of book, I highly recommend this one. She also includes ethical and helpful tips on reading for clients and going pro, among many other things!

In the fun realm, I'm listening to the podcast The Habitat. It's a true story about six volunteers who pretend to be astronauts on a mission on Mars. I'm interested to see how the close quarters affect the group psychology (and I've been surprised to learn so much about the logistics of going to the bathroom in space... fascinating!)

How about you? What has been bringing joy to your life this week? And finally, here it is - our card for the weekend.

Minors Wands Queen.jpg

Queen of Wands


Message: Let your energy and inspiration flow freely. The world wants to see you in all your splendor. Prioritize your creativity and passions.

Embrace: Socializing, talking up your projects and passions, being proud of your accomplishments, special signs from the universe.

Let Go Of: Minimizing what you've created, energy-sucking tasks and relationships.

Guidance: What can I do to celebrate my creative powers? What makes me feel electric?