A Tarot Spread Celebrating Abundance


I like to give myself a big, in-depth tarot reading at the beginning of each month. Sure, I love shorter readings, but I find that laying out a huge mess of cards can lead to some fascinating connections and insights. Smaller spreads let us hone in on key issues while larger ones open us up to whole new horizons.

Minors Cups 10.jpg

I was feeling inspired last month and designed this spread which mimics the layout of the Ten of Cups, pictured here. What’s more delightful than an array of jolly cups on a rainbow? Similarly, this spread shows us what’s bringing us fulfillment and emotional satisfaction.

There are so many spreads out there for moments of challenge and crisis. Or ones that focus on problem solving. I wanted something breezier and more affirming, a picure of what’s working well.

use this spread when…

This spread has a decidedly optimistic outlook and you could use it to either amplify your good feelings or cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down. In either case, it’s all about showcasing what’s going well in your life and where you can grow and find ease, joy, and expression.

Long story short, if you’re in the mood for affirmation and a bigger picture, this is the spread for you!

look for

Have fun making connections between the positions. First, tie in card 1 (you) to each of the remaining cards to see how you can work with their topics. Think, “how would card 1 approach ___” or “what might card 1 tell me about this?”

As in any spread, pay attention to groups: Major Arcana cards, Minors, courts, and suits. I had a bunch of court cards in my reading which told me that so much of what I have to enjoy and cultivate in my life is in my relationships with other people.

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Click on the image above for more details and happy reading! Be sure to share your experiences with this spread below and share it with anyone who might enjoy its zesty positivity.