Spring Equinox Ostara Tarot Spread for Growth and Self-Care

An in-depth and luscious tarot spread celebrating the abundance at work in your life. this spread was inspired by the 10 of cups and mimics its structure: you in the foreground + an array of cups above.

It’s easy to only turn to tarot when we’re at a crisis point or in need of some calming energy. But what about when things are going swimmingly?

You can use this spread for both: to highlights what’s going well when so much feels scattered and wrong OR as a way to amplify the already abundant energy in your life. Whatever you choose, let me know how it works out for you!

Shuffle your cards thoroughly while contemplating what gives you a sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life. When you feel ready, lay out all ten cards face down. Take a moment to focus your energy, cultivating a feeling of warmth and vigor. Take a breath and turn over all the cards.

Once you've taken in the whole picture, turn your attention to the first card. This represents you as you are now, aka all the wonderful energy you’re bringing into your life.

Look to the second card to identify a past experience that’s important to you right now. You can think of this card as a bookmark that can either stand in contrast with your present - “look how far I’ve come!” - or represent a facet of your younger self to express. It’s especially important to follow your intuition with this one and avoid getting bogged down in traditional meanings. What does this card make you think of?

Move to the third card. This represents an inspiring memory from your past and asks you how to incorporate experiences that cultivate a similar feeling in your present life.

Next you'll turn over the fourth card. This is a struggle you’ve overcome. What’s more, you’re now actively using the skills you learned from facing it with ease and aplomb. Congratulations!

The fifth card is a relationship that brings you a deep sense of happiness and the gift of being seen for who you are. Be sure to thank this person and spend as much time with them as you can.

Onto card number six. This represents something you’re doing that’s going swimmingly. Pat yourself on the back!

Card number seven shows an area of your life where you’re being extra brave, pushing through any resistance and facing a large task or obstacle head-on. This card encourages you to keep going, utilizing the encouragement and support from all the other cards you’ve drawn.

Our next card, number eight, illustrates a major source of inspiration for you. How can you encourage this and bring more of it into your life? Follow this lead and see where it takes you!

Card nine points you in the direction of a simple daily pleasure that’s giving you a huge sense of satisfaction. If you’re not allowing yourself this indulgence, this card encourages you to go for it and treat yourself.

And, finally, card ten represents where you’re headed if you continue to support and grow this sense of abundance. This is the big, bright future you can look forward to.