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Weekly Forecast: October 29 - November 4

Why is it that success and growth brings up feelings of inadequacy, self-sabotage, and disbelief? It's easier to hide behind conflict and trouble. Struggle gives us an easy sense of meaning. It's there, it's obvious, and it's not threatening to others. 

This week, The Devil is popping up just as we turn an unexpected corner. Rather than bemoan his presence, however, we can see it as a positive sign that we're onto something good.

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Weekly Forecast: August 13-19

How nice is it to hear that taking a bit of a reckless chance will pay off richly? This certainly isn't a message that comes out frequently, but leave it to the action-packed suit of wands to lead the way this week. We're certainly feeling all fired-up and ready to make moves. Fortunately, our sense of readiness is justified. The time to act is now.

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Weekly Forecast: May 7-13

It feels so good to put a plan into action. After spending lots of time in our heads creating strategies, imagining outcomes, and weighing options, this week we're putting our feet on the ground and committing to making things real. 

The Three of Wands is a card full of excitement, expectation, and anticipation. Our ideas are still tender and new, untested by the world, and yet we've tapped into something special within ourselves. It's the intoxicating feeling of choice. We can choose to do things. We can make things happen. 

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