Weekly Forecast: August 13-19

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Spread with Green Calcite and Plants

How nice is it to hear that taking a bit of a reckless chance will pay off richly? This certainly isn't a message that comes out frequently, but leave it to the action-packed suit of wands to lead the way this week. We're certainly feeling all fired-up and ready to make moves. Fortunately, our sense of readiness is justified. The time to act is now.

Because we're dealing with wands, this is likely in an area of our lives that requires creativity. So often we disqualify ourselves from the term, thinking that creativity only refers to artistic pursuits. I can't tell you how many people come in for readings and balk at this side of the wands."I'm not a creative person," they say.  And yet how can we be human and not be creative? 

Just look at the Knight of Wands. What better card to represent our need to think on the fly? Each day we have to navigate a sea of choices and options and this requires us to, yes, think creatively. We must pivot on the spot, cobble together solutions, and follow our instincts. I don't say this to take away the glamor of creativity, but to add a sense of excitement and respect for all the things we're required to do. Even the mundane can be given that shininess with a simple shift in thinking.

That being said, we're past the point of thinking this week. Whether we're being creative in an artistic or more general sense, it's not a time to deliberate or agonize. That will only make us feel restless and hemmed in. Knights bring with them an influx of energy and purpose. Of course, this can be hot-headed and foolhardy, so it's a good idea to look before we leap to make sure we're not going to step on any toes. In this reading, however, that threat is small because we have the Three of Wands as our central card. 

This card is telling us that we've laid the groundwork for our plan, giving the ambitious Knight in us a well-thought-out path to ride. If anything, we may have to make sure we're starting out on that path in the first place. The Knight of Wands is facing to the left, away from the Three of Wands. Are we being led astray by another enticing project instead of moving towards a more long-held goal? In that case all we have to do is reign in our horse and get back on track. Once we do this we'll find our passion and motivation unchanged. When we work with the enthusiasm of the Knights, giving them structure and direction, we can get so much done.

The Nine of Cups is a welcome addition to this array. Too much fire can burn things to a crisp. Our creative plan, however, isn't just action for action's sake. We're also seeking connection and community through our work. What we do is creating links with others and providing us with the means to give back to our communities. Taking moments to reach out, share our joy and plans, and provide ideas and advice to others is leading to a deep sense of satisfaction.