Weekly Forecast: August 6-12

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Spread with Green Calcite and Plants

It's always exciting to see a reading featuring a single suit. Why? Because it shows the cards giving us an extremely targeted message, and in this case, it's an extremely practical one as well since we're looking at the earthy group of pentacles.

Not only that, but we're entering onto the scene with the King of Pentacles! Already, we can see that we're in a position to lead and delegate with ease. We're showing up fully with lots of well-earned confidence. This isn't a time to make ourselves small or run away from responsibility. And we won't want to because we have lots of exciting work to do.

This week we're being called on to muster our forces and reign in our spending (financial and energetic) in order to get ready for the launch of a new project. It may be an adjustment, especially since the King of Pentacles loves decadence and pleasures. Moving from this king to the Four of Pentacles is a shift from expansiveness to strategic restraint and consolidation. 

While this isn't a glamorous change at first glance, the King of Pentacles has more than enough chutzpah and persuasiveness to see things differently. We're being given a chance to see thrift and saving as a way to celebrate and cultivate our personal vision. The King of Pentacles may like to partake in the pleasures of their life, but they also know that doing so is only part of the cycle. The other half? The work itself. And it's just as affirming and joyful.

If we enter into the financially conservative position of the Four of Pentacles with the vision of the King we can view our resources as tools to build something new, vibrant, and exciting. In other words, reigning it in is a way of preparing for expanding into new territory. In this way, the Four of Pentacles doesn't have to be miserly, stingy, or dissatisfied.

 Instead of seeing the need to save money as shameful - I dont' have enough right now and I should! - or limiting - I want to buy new clothes and I can't! - we can re-frame it as an empowering, self-directed move. We are the masters of our finances, just like the King of Pentacles. 

Because the motivation behind these choices is a project that has a great deal of potential. The Three of Pentacles is always exciting to see because it shows the immersive, intoxicating, and motivating act of planning. We're ready to start building something new and we're going to need our material resources to make it a reality. The more we hammer out the details, the more we feel aligned and justified in our saving.

Staying connected with our goal will only build our energy and excitement. And in the long run, this expenditure will bring us back towards the celebratory success of the King. Finding satisfaction in work and security in saving will be bringing us a deep sense of meaning.