Weekly Forecast: August 20-26

Kitty Kahane Tarot Reading Three Cards

Sometimes it's tiring being rational, or at least occupying a rational standpoint 100% of the time. This week we're willingly sacrificing the need to be right so that we can open up to new sources of knowledge, namely our feelings and intuitions.

This is no small shift, and the fact that we're coming at it from the authoritative stance of the King of Swords shows just how conscious and responsible we are for this choice. And this is good news! We know we need more and we're taking the vulnerable and brave step to move towards it.

In this case, we're choosing to experience a Death of sorts. How can we step down from our thrones of certainty and embrace the complicated magic of everyday life? 

Though we may be moving into some confusing territory, these cards indicate that we're ready for a change. Maybe we're tired of feeling in control all of the time, isolated in our positions of power. Maybe we'd like to step down from our roles as arbiters, deciders, and experts, if only just for a while.

As you may have noticed, though, Death carries with it some pretty irrevocable consequences. So while we may be leaving the King of Swords' throne (and carrying with us his intellectual prowess and experience), we won't be quite the same when we return. 

This is an excellent time to consider what about our current position is feeling itchy or empty. Have we backed ourselves into a corner, suddenly realizing we've been positioning ourselves as someone with all the answers? Are our words feeling hollow or lacking inspiration?

Well, this dynamic leap through the Death card is certainly about to change all that. We're catapulting from the solid, academic remove of the King of Swords into the wishy-washy, imaginative wonderland of the Seven of Cups. Now how's that for contrast?

Towards the end of the week we'll find ourselves feeling radically different. Awash with exciting visions and possibilities, we'll be in the mood to let our minds wander freely, thinking magically instead of pragmatically and theoretically. 

While the Seven of Cups can be a tricky card, one where alluring options can become distracting and even paralyzing, it's a wonderful follow-up to Death. It shows us processing our change and reacting to it with joy and expansion. Death is a long process and thinking creatively in all directions - dreaming up possibilities and alternate futures  - offers us both the space and activity to move through the transition.