Weekly Forecast: Sept 26-October 2

Cards from the  Mountain Dream Tarot

Cards from the Mountain Dream Tarot


Fall is here. The signs? Leaves starting to turn, shorter days, and pumpkins and gourds piled high outside of grocery stores. It’s a glorious time of the year. Last week we celebrated the fall equinox, officially marking the start of the season. And it looks like the season has ushered in a new change.

The cards for this week show the arrival of calm. Not just on a surface level, either. The Star, in all its major arcana glory, signifies a deeper sense of connection to ourselves and our values. The sort of peaceful certainty that makes decisions easy. You just know what to do because it feels right. Your intuition is lining up with your actions, a truly beautiful place to make decisions from.

So picture the crispness of a fall day. Maybe you’re going to pick apples. It’s just cold enough to wear your favorite sweater and feel your cheeks getting rosy from the breeze. The sun is shining and everything feels bright and full of possibility. This is the energy coming into focus this week.

Transitions come with a lot of activity and in the previous week you may have found yourself a bit exhausted. The seven of wands shows a young man fending off an army of sticks, defending his high ground. Similarly, you may have felt a bit besieged by work, obligations, and setting boundaries. All good things to accomplish, and yet once you realize what your time is worth, the unending exertion can get tedious.

This is a good sign, however, because who wants to be constantly grappling with life? There has to be some balance, right?

The Star gives us the answer and it is a clear, undeniable yes. You have integrated the lessons from the seven of wands. You know what you stand for, what is worth your time, and what you want. To stay in a defensive place past this point is a poor use of your energy. The Star tells us that you have made this move and are about to enjoy the peace and solidity of really knowing yourself.

Stars illuminate the night sky and when we look up at them we are simultaneously humbled and inspired. There is a playfulness and wonder to stars that will be helpful to keep in mind moving forward. Progress does not have to be a weighty thing.

When you’re following your inspiration and true self life is full of magic and excitement. This does not make it any less important than busyness and stress. In fact, it is the sign that we are headed in the right direction, under the guidance of our north star, so to speak.

Which brings us to the three of wands. In connecting with your true motivations and beliefs you are much better prepared to move forward. In this card a man stands on the shore of a body of water holding three wands. He has learned many things and knows what he needs to bring with him. Now he considers his next move, secure in his abilities and full of optimism.

You are arriving at a time where we have learned and integrated deep lessons. The next question is: where will you go next?