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A glimpse into my fall equinox ritual. Cards from the  Wild Unknown Tarot

A glimpse into my fall equinox ritual. Cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot

What a week its been. 

Fall begain on Thursday during the equinox, when the day is the same length as the night. What a beautiful way to signify the beginning of autumn. In addition to buying an excessive amount of pumpkins, I performed a centering tarot ritual (pictured above) to celebrate the change in season.

The latest bout of killings by police officers has been weighing heavily on me as it should. I decided to get in-depth with the three of swords, a dark card if there ever was on, and investigate the importance of acknowledging and feeling our grief and holding space for the grief of others. I decided to put this post in Tarot for Self-Care because I truly believe that caring for the self extends to caring for our communities and fellow human beings. We cannot flourish if we limit our love and care to the individual level. 

Some especially eloquent articles that moved me on this topic are this piece by John Metta about the prejudices lurking in our culture and this stirring op-ed about the systematic injustice in Charlotte. Please take the time to read them and let me know what you think.

Other thought-provoking and inspiring internet happenings:

Loved this interview at Little Red Tarot with Courtney Alexander, artist and creator of the Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck. Take a peek at this gorgeous deck and support it via kickstarter. I'm especially in love with her Empress card. 

I lost myself in these beautiful photographs of specimens from museum and national park collections by Leah Sobsey. 

A new study suggests pigeons can recognize words! Another reason they're the most misunderstood bird and one of my favorite animals.

Sand looks absolutely beautiful close-up.