Weekly Forecast: Dec 12-18

Cards from the  Mountain Dream Tarot

Cards from the Mountain Dream Tarot


Plans, plans, plans.

We’re full of them this week, with our eyes focused on the horizon and our minds busy considering different opportunities. It’s the calm before the storm, the place of reflection before action, the “look” before the “leap.”

 It’s the kind of energy that seems appropriate during the last weeks of the year. Now is the time of “Best of” 2016 lists and New Year’s resolutions. These cards tell us to spend some time taking stock while also gearing up for change and new frontiers.

The Three of Wands is a card that’s seeking expansiveness. We’ve set a part of the plan into action and are deciding what to do next. What will take us further along our chosen path? What’s the next step?

The man is grasping three wands showing that he has already made some progress. He’s collected three wands (accomplishments, goals, or skills) and is looking to get more. Now is a time to take stock of your accomplishments and recognize the skills and abilities you have at your disposal. How can you use them right now? What are you missing?

This is an exhilarating place to be. The world is your oyster! The sea is stretching out before you, unknown and exciting. And right now you’re standing on firm ground, aware of your strengths and how they can help you.

The next move? Taking the leap.

The two pages highlight the youthful and enthusiastic energy at work this week. What we’re working on now will open us up in untold ways, allowing us to develop new parts of ourselves and test out new skills.

Pages are like a child with a new obsession. Whether it’s dinosaurs, Pokemon, or ancient Egypt, they immediately set out to know all there is to know about the subject (and then tell everyone about it.) They’re enraptured with whatever struck their fancy and have a singular focus that borders on fanaticism.

Of course, this can have its drawbacks, but channel this energy correctly and you could get a lot done while learning a lot about yourself. Ever envy how much energy small children seem to have? Well, if you embrace the enthusiasm of the pages, you could find yourself with energy to spare. This is a week where we have the potential to get a lot done, fast.

Moving from the Three of Wands and into the Pages signifies a change in perspective. The man looking across the body of water in the three is gazing into the distance. He’s looking at a big picture, perhaps too big if he wants to actually start moving ahead.

In contrast, the Pages are in it. They are engrossed in their object and focused on using it. Pentacles signify the material world and our life as we live it, while swords represent the world of the mind: our thoughts, ideas, and how we communicate them. It seems that we’re entering a time ripe for reevaluating how our lives and ideas can further us along our path.

The pages also are front and center. We see their faces, their actions, and intent, while the man in the Three of Wands is facing away from us. Moving from the three to the pages signifies a shift in our self-perception. It’s time to narrow our focus and think of ourselves as the heroes of our stories, to move from the third person to the first person. We can’t take the next step while holding ourselves at a distance.

We are the main characters of our lives. 

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