Weekly Forecast: Dec 5-11

Cards from the  Fountain Tarot

Cards from the Fountain Tarot


This week we see ourselves popping into an unexpected place. Something is going to shake things up and make our worlds seem richer and more complicated. It’s time to get ready for that teenage feeling.

A flight of fancy, an inspiration, a new relationship or any such gift has brought us into a new phase. Suddenly things feel different, like how falling in love makes the world bright, new, and full of wonder.

It’s impossible to go through life’s routines and not grow accustomed to “the usual;” however, this new development will have our heads spinning as we try to reorient ourselves. But when you shake a snow globe you can’t ensure the flakes land in the same place.

Now is a good time to check in and see how we can change for the better. Who says life can’t proceed with fun tweaks and adjustments. It’s good to make room for the romantic, whimsical, and impassioned.

The center of the reading is the Knight of Cups, a tender card to be sure. He’s a sensitive young fellow, depicted here sitting in a blue-grey landscape, a silver cup balanced on his head. He’s all about the feelings, writing passionate letters, and swooning over his latest love.

Of all the knights, this one is the most introspective. In the Fountain Tarot he’s the only Knight without an obviously apparent sense of purpose - wands is out striking a fabulous pose, coins is holding a giant coin for us to see, and swords is lunging forward.

Cups rule emotions, the watery realm of feelings, relationships, and romance. In other words, the things we feel instead of think. But at first glance this Knight seems a little distracted. What action is he embodying? True to the nature of cups, this Knight is not charging forward. His motion, instead, is to feel his way through things.

His message for us this week? To feel our feelings, revel in our passion, and daydream away.

For a bit, anyway. It would be a shame to waste the transformative power of this stage. To do that we need a little something extra.

Like all tarot cards, the Knight of Cups is not to be taken in his own. To stay in his space for too long would cause our lives to stagnate. We’d get lost in romantic thought or carried away by our unbridled emotions. So where to go once we’ve reveled in our new feelings?

The two flanking cards lay out potential steps forward. Don’t be put off by their intensity. You’re ready for it. The King of Coins and The Emperor deal with power and control, suggesting that the captivating new development coming forward this week is leading us towards a position with more responsibilities.

We’re prepared for this if we move forward deliberately and with a sense of fun. We don’t want to cut ourselves off from the teenage passion of the Knight of Cups and get stuck in the sternness of The Emperor or the decadence of the King of Coins. It’s going to take a bit of both.

Take the new giddiness of this week and start asking yourself how you would like to take control in your life. Our paths will vary, so I’ll leave the choice up to you.

Are you drawn to the relaxed and plentiful lushness of the King of Coins? This is a way of leading that involves embodying power and being hands on. He is connected to his domain and partakes of his riches. Relaxed, jovial, and a bit stubborn, he is very much a part of what he resides over. 

Or are you drawn to the structure and boundaries of The Emperor? He thrives on defined roles and containers – everything must be in its right place. His way of leading involves creating structure and ruling above it all.

This is a good week to embrace the swoony introspection of the Knight of Cups and consider the new paths open to you. It’s a time for choosing who and how you want to be in the world, and the best choices are taken slowly while experiencing our true emotions. Look at these two cards, contemplate their meanings, and see how each feels to you.

And of course, enjoy how this week’s passionate surprise manifests itself for you. 

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