Weekly Forecast: October 29 - November 4

Tarot del Fuego Tarot Reading with Three Cards

Why is it that success and growth brings up feelings of inadequacy, self-sabotage, and disbelief? It's easier to hide behind conflict and trouble. Struggle gives us an easy sense of meaning. It's there, it's obvious, and it's not threatening to others. 

This week, The Devil is popping up just as we turn an unexpected corner. Rather than bemoan his presence, however, we can see it as a positive sign that we're onto something good.

"Now how does that work, Gina?" you might be wondering with a very healthy dose of skepticism. Ignoring The Devil can be tricky at best and inadvisable at worst. Yet here I am confidently telling you that this card, rather than being a sign on bad habits and troubles, is something to embrace, say hello to on your way forward, and then leave by the wayside to go about his Devil-y life.

The Devil thrives in darkness and confusion. And this week we're bringing the illumination of the Eight of Cups and the ambition of the Three of Wands into his cave. Suddenly the power and mystery of the shadows have become banished by our own light and vitality. It's just not so scary when we face it head on. And The Devil we're dealing with may be quite small in comparison to our new, formidable self. 

The Eight of Cups and the Three of Wands are telling us that we're making huge strides and doing some very brave editing in our lives. I love how artist Ricardo Cavolo depicts the Eight of Cups as vines tearing down a pillar to reveal a single flame. Though we may not have always understood our actions leading up to this moment, our search for something more has torn down some huge obstacles. This process is intuitive and instinctual. The Eight of Cups represents the priceless kind of hard-won clarity that comes from trusting ourselves even when we don't understand the path our growth is taking.

A deep and emotional pull has brought us into the fiery realm of wands. We've made some space for ourselves and have discovered a new and budding sense of direction. This might feel a bit like going back to the drawing board or taking a bold risk in changing our focus, but our fears aren't springing from a lack of energy. In fact, what we're onto is doing quite well. The Three of Wand shows us at a pivotal moment where the path ahead isn't at all what we thought it would be. In fact, it's much better, and that's where the siren-song of The Devil comes in.

Our task this week is to hold the torch of our passion high and to avoid the temptation to become small again. As we can see in the Eight of Cups, we've long overgrown our containers. In fact, returning to that formative experience of trusting our emotions (and remembering how ready we were for something more) will help us embrace the new path we're facing and embrace all the signs that it's one worth taking.

Doubting the affirmation and opportunities that spring up right now serves to keep us in a limited place we've long outgrown. Just because it doesn't look like what we imagined doesn't mean it's false or dangerous. Going back to the limitations we've worked so hard to overcome is no longer an option and grappling with those small spaces has made us strong and innovative. Now's the time to embrace the adventuresome spirit of the Three of Wands and see where allowing ourselves to be big and seeking can take us.