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Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Knights

I have such a soft spot for the Knights in tarot. They have so much verve and energy! These are not a group of cards interested in concepts or abstractions. They want to get down and dirty, engaging with life in the hands-on, adventuresome style of someone on a mission. While the Pages are eager students, the Knights might be someone who lists "School of Life and Hard Knocks" on their facebook education section. They want to learn by doing and they're already diving into the task at hand.

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Weekend Send-Off

Hello my peaches! I'm so excited to introduce a new regular feature here on the Incandescent Tarot blog. Each Friday I'll be sharing some of the things that have made my week brighter - books, films, resources, and tarot happenings. Not to mention a one-card reading on what to expect for the weekend ahead. I hope you enjoy and share what's been making your world extra-magical in the comments below!

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