Weekend Send-Off

My new happy place: Gunter's Greenhouse in Durham, NC

My new happy place: Gunter's Greenhouse in Durham, NC

Hello my peaches! I'm so excited to introduce a new regular feature here on the Incandescent Tarot blog. Each Friday I'll be sharing some of the things that have made my week brighter - books, films, resources, and tarot happenings. Not to mention a one-card reading on what to expect for the weekend ahead. I hope you enjoy and share what's been making your world extra-magical in the comments below!

I know, what a time to start a positive column like this one. This week has been fairly soul-crushing when it comes to current events. I'll be posting more about this in the next few days; until then, I'll be doing what I can to support organizations like RACIES, the ACLU, and others, and you can bet your butt that I'll be marching in Raleigh tomorrow.

Still, there have been some lovely bursts of light amidst all this madness. Now more than ever the importance of kindness, beauty, and community is coming through loud and clear.

Big Discovery - Hannah Gadsby

I hadn't ever heard of Gadsby's work before watching her netflix stand-up performance Nanette. And oh my, I was seriously blown away by her radical honesty, hilarious comedy, and stunning insights. Go watch it now and cry tears of happiness for the utter magic that happens when we let our true selves shine freely. 

Everyday Joy

I got back in the swing of making a new batch of iced tea to sip throughout the day. I'm terrible at hydrating until I remember that it makes my skin infinitely better (yes, vanity is my prime motivator). My favorites are fresh mint with honey and lemon, hibiscus chamomile, and ye olde green tea aka what I will continue to assume is healthier and morally superior caffeine.

Repeat Tarot Card

I love seeing what card makes the most appearances in my personal and client readings. This week was all about the pages, especially the Page of Wands. It's a nice card to have during these tumultuous times. For me, this intrepid page is reminding us to stay fired up and take baby steps forward, trusting that we'll learn all we need to succeed so long as we stay engaged and motivated.

Special Gratitude

I'm feeling incredibly mushy about the friends and community I'm blessed to have in my life. Even when I'm furiously hermiting away, lost in my thoughts, and surprised that they're still there when I peek my head back above ground! That and the reliable decadence of sugary pastries.

Listening, Reading, Watching

This week I finished another gorgeous book, Fair Play, by Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins. She's also an incredible writer and this thin volume (you could read it in a day) touches beautifully on art, creativity, and nature. Though I just checked the amazon reviews and a fellow named "Jason G" strongly disagrees with me and chose to title his review "I would rather put sand in my anus." Thanks for the evocative image, Jason. Guess we'll just agree to disagree!

I've been listening to Sam Evian for some chill summer jams after having the pleasure of seeing him live a few weeks ago. That and the wonderful and entertaining podcast Pairing by my dear friend. Check it out if you like all things wine and art!

How about you? What has been bringing joy to your life this week? And now without further ado... the card for the weekend!

Minors Pentacles Knight.jpg

Knight of Pentacles


Message: It's time to get hands-on in your life in ways that are gratifying and truly you 

Embrace: Positive action, sprucing up your space, interacting others and sharing your plans

Let Go Of: Overwhelming "big picture" thinking, hiding behind theories, timidity

Guidance: What actions will contribute to the world I want to see? How can I live lushly and justly?