Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Wands


The Page of Wands is quite the energetic card! Combining the youthful energy of the Pages with the action and creativity of the suit of Wands, this card appears in readings when our curiosity is piqued and we're eager to get going and learn more. 


This page refers to people who are either youthful themselves or display qualities of youth: impatience, open-mindedness, curiosity, boldness, and more. Look for people just starting out in their careers, adepts in a new practice, people beginning artistic pursuits, and hot-headed and passionate seekers.


The Page of Wands' personality is bold, passionate, ambitious, and visionary. They have a restlessness fueled by eagerness and sometimes impatience. They'd rather be doing - actively engaging with something - than planning or conceptualizing. As pages, however, their energy doesn't quite match up with their expertise. They have a bumbling, endearing quality as well as a pick of cocky attitude.