Weekly Forecast: Oct 3-9

Cards from  The Fountain Tarot

We start this week’s reading with a beautiful and serene image. The ten of coins shows us the courtyard of our lives. Sun filters in over a pyramid of coins – the fruits of our labor, the accomplishments we have worked so hard on. Green and riches abound, surrounded by smooth white walls.

As symbols, walls can go different ways. Are they rigid? Protecting from a dangerous force outside? Erected out of fear? Or are they stable, built from hard work, and peppered with windows and doors that let us come and go?

This card signifies arriving at place of peace about your prosperity and ability to live a full life. You’ve built a secure and vibrant place for yourself. What’s more, you don’t forget the importance of the everyday. In fact, it is there that your strength and inspiration lies.

The space pictured in the card is not completely enclosed. We look through the archways and see the lush greenery on the other side. This reminds us to stay connected to the outside world and open to change.

Cherish what you have and see it as a stable place from which you can start new ventures. Your accomplishments are not rigid and constraining. Rather, they are flexible like a diving board you can leap off with joy.

Light shows up in all three cards: illuminating the tools in the magician’s hands, glinting off the coins in the ten, and shining onto the face of the knight of coins in a JJ Abrams-style lens flare.

We all can choose how much light to let into our lives. After all, the sun is always shining. Do we block it out with walls and gloomy curtains? Or stare into it like a child on a dare?

The walls in the ten and the knight show the perfect balance. Used well, boundaries and safety help let the perfect amount of light shine into our lives.

Like spiritual sunglasses, it’s important to protect ourselves from the overwhelming brilliance of life and inspiration. Otherwise we can be blinded by the myriad possibilities and paths open to us at all times.

Consider the magician. He is focused, meeting our eyes with a level gaze while balancing the four symbols of the suits in his hand. They float, levitating from his willpower. The strain doesn’t show on his face – he has mastered the balance and can harness this power to create new possibilities for himself. Light plays off the objects and his face is illuminated. He in neither blinded nor lost in darkness.

This is the moment we find ourselves in. You’re about to start making things happen using all the tools at your disposal. The ten and knight of coins suggest using a recent accomplishment to catapult you to greater success and spiritual alignment.

The knight of pentacles strengthens the theme of the material world and the financial. He also signifies a time of enthusiastic action. Perhaps this next step is regarding our work, businesses, or earning potential. Either way, know that you have accomplished much and that more is possible.

Be sure to protect what you have while you strike out on this new venture. And find strength in the solidness of your situation. You are well-primed for something new and all signs suggest it will be successful if you remain grounded and dedicated to maintaining balance. So put your sunglasses on, enjoy the protection of what you’ve built, and embrace the magic of what can happen when all the parts of your lives are aligned.