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Weekly Inspiration from Incandescent Tarot for October

This week has been feeling like fall for real! I'm not letting a little North Carolina mugginess get in my way - I already have four pumpkins on my porch and I'm not stopping anytime soon. 

In tarot-world, I explored how The Hermit reminds us to reconnect with ourselves after pulling the card for the Self-Care series. Let's just say it was a message I needed to hear during a frenetic week.

You can also see my two cents on when not to consult tarot. Useful whether you're just getting started or are an enthusiastic tarot reader who can't stop pulling cards. (<-- hint: this is me.)

I hope you've been having a splendid week and have an even better weekend. Don't hesitate to share your latest inspirations in the comments below - you'll make my day!

Until next time, here are some things that piqued my interest this week:

I'm late to the party, but I don't give a damn. The pomodoro technique has been a game-changer. I feel exhilarated! Productive! Fellow procrastinators, I highly recommend this one.

Getting excited for fall flavors, including this cauliflower soup.

Really enjoyed this excerpt from an upcoming biography on Shirley Jackson.  The quote below is especially beautiful:

When 8-year-old Laurence asked his mother how he ought to spend a dime, she suggested he give it to the birch tree in front of their house. He promptly went outside and asked the tree for a dime’s worth of wind. To Jackson’s delight, a massive hurricane struck that night. “All we could figure was that wind must be very cheap indeed for him to get that much for a dime,” she wrote to her parents.
— Ruth Franklin, "The Novelist Disguised As a Housewife"

This post from Yes and Yes on why we resist things that make us happy really hit the nail on the head. And explained why I have been avoiding yoga for months... 

And because it's fall and I have to read it every yeart: it's decorative gourd season motherf*****!