X - The Wheel of Fortune



The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the unpredictable nature of the universe. A big picture card, it shows us that nothing is fixed. Our situations are constantly changing and what starts out as good or bad will soon change into something else. In this sense this is a card of transformation that can be read many different ways. It all depends on how we approach our place on the wheel.

The Hierophant Ride Waite Tarot Card

If we embrace the many unknown aspects of our lives – the fact that we can only change how we react to the events that befall us and direct ourselves towards our goals as best we can – then we are better prepared to weather where each turn of the wheel brings us.

If we fight the fluid, ever-changing nature of the universe, say by becoming fixated on how we can control it, we plunge into despair when things don’t go our way.

The influence of this card depends on our attitudes to it. If we embrace change, its message is more positive. If change frightens us, this card serves as a helpful reminder to relax our attitudes and accept that we are not personally responsible for everything, especially what’s outside of our control.

There’s a certain sense of humor to this card since wherever we find ourselves the only certainty is that we won’t be there for long. In readings, this card can represent fate, change, and things outside our control.

Fighting the changes that come with The Wheel of Fortune is a fool’s errand. It’ll simply spin again, bringing us somewhere new.

This is a card that encourages flexibility, creative thinking, and taking opportunities when they arise. It’s best to make hay while the sun shines because The Wheel will spin again and who knows where to. Preparation is well and good, but when you don’t know what’s next it can turn into a waste of energy.

Whether you’re flying high or laid low, this card tells you that it’s a temporary situation. The best you can do is bring a sense of humor, a go-getting attitude, and flexibility to life. It’s always changing.


Change, chance, the whims of the universe, cycles, fate, what goes around comes around, flexibility, impermanence, freedom

Life Situations

A big change, a new opportunity, a change in fortunes, good or bad luck, a cycle, contending with impermanence, prioritizing freedom, detachment from mundane routines, a fatalistic attitude, embracing the unknown

Positive Attributes

Exhilarating change, positive impermanence- nothing stays the same forever, dynamism

Negative Attributes

Noncommittal, hard to pin down, caught up in motion, unpredictable

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