Weekly Forecast: October 23-29

Tarot Reading 3-Card Circo Tarot

As far as Three of Swords illustrations go this one from the Circo Tarot is quite gory. A card that demands your attention whenever its drawn, the Three is all about undeniable pain. It's the feeling when you stub your toe (or worse) and can only experience the sharp waves of discomfort coursing up your leg. Maybe you're so taken aback you spew forth some salty words, temporarily uninhibted from the shock. 

We're dealing with the realm of the swords here, so things aren't literally stabby in a physical sense. Instead, the suffering stems from our minds - what has us wounded, activating our harsh and overthinking tendencies? 

If we take a closer look at this card we see two things. Firstly, three knives (serrated in this case!) are a bit of an overkill. One would certainly do the job. Perhaps there's a tint of overreaction we can't see in the moment. Our pain is amplified by our thoughts. It might seem like there's three knives sticking out of our hearts, but maybe it's just one knife. Maybe we just stubbed our toe.

Secondly, we're just three cards along our journey through the suite of swords. If this wound was fatal, how could we continue? There's more here than meets the eye. What can spring forth from the discharging of our pain and where can it take us? 

Sometimes this card springs up when we 're at a place when we need some good old fashioned, intense emotional catharsis. We like to contain ourselves and present our best face to the world. It's all well and good, but sometimes we can fool ourselves, tamping down more complicated feelings that become hidden even from ourselves. 

We're not closed systems and our suffering needs an outlet just like how we might need to yell out a juicy obscenity when we stub our toe. While at first it might seem like we could drown in the roiling sea of complicated emotions it can often yield surprising and fruitful results.

Now is one of those times, hence the somewhat odd contrast between the emo darkness on the Three of Swords and the exhuberant plentifulness of the Six of Pentacles. Can expressing our negative emotions lead to abundance? This week will see this transformation manifesting itself in surprising ways. Handled with care and respect, digging deeper will open us up to many possibilities. Whether they're residing within ourselves or to be discovered through seeking help from others, these sticky spots are in the process of transforming into happiness and joy.

I especially love how The Wheel of Fortune concludes our reading, a lovely tarot summation and reminder of how we are constantly in a changing world. The sharp certainty of the Three of Swords? It's temporary and part of a natural cycle. Opening up to is and embracing it as a part of our multifaceted experience allows us to live more authetically and fully participate in our lives.