Weekly Forecast: November 13-19

Tarot del Fuego 3 Card Spread Tarot Reading

It's tempting to get suspicious when things are going smoothly. After all, we're conditioned to equate struggle with hard work. If we're not toiling intensively (something that usually entails exhaustedly telling everyone how busy we are) we're not doing enough.

There's also an animal side to us that's always alert for any dangerous rustling in the bushes. Something bad could happen any moment! And what if we're relaxing? Why, we'd be caught off guard and then...?

But what about when things just feel right? You know, when something's both comforting and exhilarating, like being in love. It can appear in the joy that comes from trying something new, the peace of laying back and relaxing into our cozy lives, or the heady thrill of a new relationship that captivates us. 

The feeling draws us into our bodies so we can experience the world through our senses. We instinctively draw a deep breath and catch the crisp scents of fall, or we curl our toes in acknowledgment of the butterflies in our stomach. We're at one with the world and at one with ourselves.

The Page of Cups shows us the beauty of this kind of receptivity. We're poised to be chanelling our experiences and feelings with grace and care. It feels good when our emotions flow through us without any obstacles in the way.  

Relaxing into and trusting the world around us is giving us a gift of pleasureable centeredness, not to mention a rare sense of focus. Now is the time to follow our passions wherever they may lead us. What are you finding irresistibly captivating right now? What makes your eyes close and cheeks blush when you think about it? It can be a new dream, a romance, a budding friendship. No matter what form it takes, you'll know by how comfortable and joyful you feel when engaging with it. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to refocus around what feels good and what is naturally exciting. Doing so is the practice we need to override our instinct to look at the world with fear and trepidation. And what, might you ask, can come from wide-eyed enthusiasm and semi-hedonistic relaxation?

Like it or not, we don't have as much control over our world as we'd like to think. Fortunately, this means we don't have to actively pursue everything. We don't need to be pushing boulders around to effect change. The world actually spins on its own, and it's about to change quite soon. The Wheel of Fortune indicates an upcoming shift from the dreamy, pleasurable Page of Cups to the grounded possibility of the Ace of Pentacles. Yes, that means without "doing" anything your budding ideas and connections are becoming more solid.

When I say "doing" I mean trying to overtly control and manipulate a situation. Letting go of direct control and action and focusing on passion and enjoyment is actually quite the feat. Being receptive doesn't mean being passive.

This week asks us to remember that experiencing is just as fruitful and important as acting. Remain present and really let yourself feel the excitement of your new relationship, dream, practice, or hobby. Enjoy! What you're doing is actually essential - establishing a background of experience - and will naturally evolve into something tangible, stable, and trustworthy.