Weekly Forecast: November 6-12

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Shortcuts can be oh so tempting. Why not do things the easy way? Phone it in just this one time? Take a little extra here and there - after all who will notice?

The issue with this approach is twofold. Firstly, being tricky is only satisfying in the moment. After an initial burst of pride at having gotten away with something a nagging doubt pops up - it's our good old friend, our conscience. And secondly, sometimes we're not the only ones who notice. A sustained campaign of trickiness is difficult to overlook. After a while, people start seeing it, whether it's our shady attitude or the deeds themselves.

Now before we get away with ourselves, let's remember that taking the easy way out is a very human instinct. Add in our obsession with efficiency and speed and we can easily seduce ourselves into thinking we're doing the right thing .Though not always pretty, this instinct is a part of the process. This week we get a chance to engage with our squirrely side and observe where we feel called to be tricky and why.

The Seven of Swords is an interesting card because it shows us a moment where we've achieved so much by taking the long and challenging route. Why are we tempted to sneak off at this moment? The Seven can represent self-sabotage and times when we use false logic to trick ourselves into something that's ultimately against our interests. What are the actual thoughts behind this impulse? Are we afraid of our own success? Feeling unworthy? Scared of responsibility? 

Now is a good time to examine our motivations because our tricky behavior will quickly come to light. Justice is quite the card to follow the Seven of Swords! Nothing escapes the gaze of Justice, and before you run off an cower in a corner, this is a good thing. A natural check for the Seven, if you will. When brought to Justice's scales any self-sabotaging (or purely sabotaging) actions don't pass the test. And what is the test? Fairness, equality, kindness, and balance. We can always do better and Justice points us in the right direction.

Whether Justice manifests as our guilty consciences or an outside force, we'll be feeling called out this week and exposed.It's a vulnerable and scary feeling, one that will have us crumpling like the figure in the Ten of Swords. While this reaction feels dramatic - and in the moment we may feel overwhelmed by guilt or regret - it's temporary. Justice's presence tells us that facing our faults - in this case the desire to take the easy way out - is an important part of our self-growth. And strangely enough, the sun is rising in the background of the Ten of Swords. Soon we'll be able to get up and move forward, all the wiser and ready for our own tricks.