Weekly Forecast: May 29-June 5


Sometimes it takes a little nudge to set us off in the right direction. Usually we envision ourselves doing the nudging – how can we better ourselves? How can we push ourselves to perform better, to seek more truths, and to get more done?

It feels nice to know things. To have a sense of stability and trust in your mind. “I can think through this problem,” we tell ourselves, and then launch into the comforting realm of lists and planning.

Many of us have, like the King of Swords, become masters of the world of logic. Unfortunately, we can’t be completely objective when it comes to ourselves. After all, we can’t step outside of our minds, try as we might.

That doesn’t stop us, however, for building up quite an illusion. We tell ourselves we are objective. We know what we’re doing and can see everything clearly.

As we do this, plunging ahead with those satisfying lists and plans, something else creeps in. The certainty we’re wielding like a sword to cut through any confusion of complexity starts to feel heavy.

We get tired of sitting on a throne like the King – certainty can remove us from life, making us feel lonely. And it’s not the most comfortable thing to sit on, all hard and inflexible.

Cue the Wheel of Fortune to challenge this worldview. Beyond challenging it, The Wheel actually turns it on its head. And this can be quite jarring.

We come into this week used to sitting on a solid throne – feeling in control of our lives and oh so comfortable making pragmatic decision despite the fact that we’re secretly starting to feel itchy and restless.

The Wheel of Fortune represents change, and change is what we’ll have. Something is coming our way that will have us reassessing our kingly stance. At first it won’t be so pretty. Who likes to tumble out of their throne? But this change will be necessary. It’s time to switch things up and move in a different direction.

We also must consider where on The Wheel we are. We might assume that since we’ve been embodying The King of Swords, in some ways the pinnacle of mastery in the Swords suite, that we’re on the top. If this is true, then as the wheel spins we plummet downwards, our fortune taking a turn for the worse.

In this case, we’d be experiencing a somewhat traumatic shakeup we’d then have to recover from.

But what if The King belongs on the bottom of The Wheel? He is the conclusion of the court cards, after all. Where can you go from being a king? What’s more, as individuals we are more than just the embodiment of one set of traits. Perhaps we can balance all four, a much more holistic way of being that makes us truly human and complex.

If this is true, then we’re actually ascending this week. Pushing through the end of one cycle and embarking on a new, more refreshing path.

The next card in the reading, the Six of Swords, points us in this direction. We leave the certainty of The King and set off across a mysterious body of water, heading towards a foreign shore. Our boat, however, is made of swords, showing us that we’re taking many lessons with us while abandoning the absolutism of The King.

So this week be aware of how a more balanced approach could serve you. Are you relying too heavily on the siren song of objective and analytical thinking? Perhaps you’re feeling burdened by a compulsion to plan, plan, and plan some more, reducing your decision making down to its logical components while ignoring your feelings?

The change that comes your way this week will be entirely out of your control, something that a King of Swords would find frightening. You, on the other hand, are a complex human being, and having mastered many swordly skills, are free to use this moment to take what you’ve learned in your toolbox and start learning new things.

Where are you headed this week and how can you embrace the change that’s always happening around you? How can you evolve and allow yourself to embrace your full complexity?