Introducing: Tarot Spreads

I like to be footloose and fancy-free with my tarot readings, but sometimes a custom-made spread is just what I need to really hone in on a question. 

Sure, old faithfuls like a 3 card past-present-future spread or a more comprehensive celtic cross reveal plenty of information, but nothing beats a more specific-spread to cover all the issues on my mind. 

What better way than to devise a layout of cards that directly refer to what you want to learn?

Concocting these is especially satisfying, and I like to test them out, tweaking a position here and there until they're just right. 

Well, now I'll be sharing my favorite, time-tested spreads on my website in the creatively named "Tarot Spreads" section under my collection of free resources.

Jump on over to see the first in the series, my trusty Two Options tarot spread. I like to use this one when I'm faced with a choice between two equally alluring possibilities. In this spread you'll find cards to help ground your choice - what you're really looking for when you make your decision - as well as information and outcome cards for each option. 

And of course stay tuned for more spreads in the days to come!