Confused? Juggling two options? Unsure of what to choose?

This tarot spread is perfect for the moments when you're debating between two possibilities. 

Lay out all your cards and flip over the first three. These represent your inner state and what's most important to you. They form the foundation of the reading and will give you the base line to measure your two options against. 

Card 1 tells you what makes you feel grounded. This can be an important value, facet of your personality, way of being, or feeling. Whatever makes you feel connected to yourself, calm, and sure-footed.

Card 2 shows you what your main motivation is going into this choice. What are you hoping to obtain as you move forward?

Card 3 paints a picutre of your ideal outcome - what you want to see and feel after you've made your decision.

Next, flip over cards 4 & 5. These represent your first option, 4 being something you important you need to know aboubt it and 5 being the likely outcome. 

Repeat for cards 6 & 7 to gather information on your second option. 

Now look at both and see if the cards for each choice support cards 1-3 or move in a different direction? Use the clarity you gather to choose the option that's best for you.