Weekly Forecast: May 22-29

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Asking for what we want can be hard, but when we speak up we send our desires and intentions out into the world.

If we remain silent, who will know all the wonderful ideas we have swimming in our heads? And who will be able to reach out and help us along our way or, better yet, come along for the journey?

This week shows us that communicating our needs, plans, and goals can call in the energy we want to see in our lives. We don’t have to go it alone, and even though we might be nervous to vocalize our plans, our first little peeps will call in the allies we’ve been looking for.

The Page of Swords shows us that this approach is new. We’re getting the hang of wielding our sword and because of this we can expect some trepidation and awkwardness. The key isn't getting it right from the get go – having the perfectly polished elevator pitch, for example – but trusting that our enthusiasm and passion will communicate themselves even if our words don’t come out perfectly.

What I love about Pages is they’re full of charm. It’s not the studied kind you can smell a mile off. No, it’s the natural and innocent charm that comes from genuine interest. The ideas we’ve been mulling over are the real deal: invigorating, exciting, and motivating. All of those feelings? They give us the momentum to communicate our ideas and convey our contagious energy.

That charm is simply radiating off us this week and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. So don’t let the false allure of perfectionism hold you back. Trust in your personal magnetism to make a good impression as you engage with others and let them in on your plans.

As we practice sharing with the world we end up attracting the help we need most and the supporters who will cheer us through to the end. The Two of Wands highlights the magic that can come from creative partnerships. And these partnerships wouldn’t be possible if we pushed away the Page of Sword’s impulse to communicate.

This is not a week to stay hermited up in our rooms, immersed in our secret and solitary plans. The world has a lot to offer. Keep your ears perked up for supporters, helpers, and partnerships in the days to come.

Practice vocalizing your ideas everywhere you go. This doesn’t have to be intense, blow-by-blow speeches. Instead, when someone asks what you’ve been up to, tell them about your idea. You never know where you’ll find your next big supporter or helpful resource.

By the end of the week it looks like we’ll have quite the array of new options in front of us. The Seven of Cups shows us this bounty in the form of a tree with each branch holding a cup with its own bright red apple. The new idea shown in the Page of Swords is catching on and we’ll be getting a lot of information about where to take it next.

We can take some time to let this all sink in. The Seven of Cups can lead to overwhelm if we don’t slow down and check in with ourselves. After all, we’ve come a long way with these three cards, and there’s more to come and plenty of time to let it unfold.