XXI - The World



The final card in the major arcana, The World is the last stop on the Fool’s journey. It represents the sense of wholeness that comes when we face the lessons that life hands us head on, learning from each and moving forward to a better understanding of ourselves.

The World Rider Waite Smith Tarot Card

The World is a card that embodies a dynamic flow. Also known as the “world dancer,” it encourages us to move with the world and through it, embracing the potential that comes with change and the freedom of being in the moment, unburdened by the past and by expectations.

This card asks us to be open-hearted and secure in ourselves to the point where we are able to receive what comes our way and engage with it playfully and deliberately.

The World can represent the end of a cycle, usually one that has big personal impact on us in a positive way. It can also refer to the culmination of a creative project, or the joy that results from a major breakthrough, commitment, or achievement.

It’s not a static endpoint, however. There are many places we can go from The World and this makes it a card of opportunity. However, it does not signify a time to limit ourselves with concrete plans. Rather, it’s important to embrace the playful movement and connectedness of this card, maintaining an open curiosity towards just about anything.


Wholeness, dynamism, motion, fulfillment, ease, complexity, humor

Life Situations

Achieving dynamic balance, fully embracing life, utilizing one’s full potential, reaching out to the world around you, harmony in all aspects, completing a project or life stage, culmination of a process/end of a cycle, collecting inspiration and enjoyment before a new phase, accepting and reveling in complexity, motion, travel

Positive Attributes

In tune with the universe, joy in life, connection to creativity, love, and flow, celebration of complexity

Negative Attributes


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