Weekly Forecast: January 21-27

Three Card Reading Aquarian Tarot

Can letting go help us move towards what we truly want? 

This certainly isn't part of our cultural narrative of success. Normally we're told to make our own way, to be proactive and shape the world so that it meets our expectations.

This involves a lot of action and doing. As we sweat and strive things begin to change. Not doing anything, at least in this line of thought, is lazy and unproductive.

But we all know what life is a lot shiftier than that and, perhaps as a consequence, a lot more magical.

This week we're being asked to step outside the prescribed rat race and do some important and enlightening observation. This means stepping back from our usual patterns, paring down our list of tasks and goals, and seeing things for as they are.

Despite how it may feel, this is a week we begin with a swirling sea of wonderful possibilities at our fingertips. Without reflection and rest we can't take this in for what it is. What's worse, we may explain over it, mistaking it for something boring and mundane. Without the right framework, even the wild and open expanse of The World can seem stifling.

And this is where The Hanged Man comes in - the enigmatic and sometimes-frustrating figure in tarot whose advice is to step back, relinquish power,  and see what happens in our absence. 

Think of it as taking the passenger seat or becoming the audience to the movie you've been directing. What goes on without you? What forces are really at work? And are you in the right role for the story that's unfolding? 

This card also instructs us to open up to the magic of change and chance. Nothing is static and pretending otherwise can leave us feeling frustrated and blocked. We have some control yes, but so much of our experience is in dialog with the unpredictable nature of life. Stepping back with The Hanged Man is giving us an opportunity to see this magic where before we could only see confusion. 

Having three Major Arcana cards in the forecast is quite an event, and these cards in particular show us at an important moment of change and growth. How may our narratives about ourselves and our life paths need updating? The Hanged Man loves asking these big questions. Embracing this archetype frees up space for new facets of ourselves to emerge. 

Have we been growing into new roles in our personal or professional lives? Exploring new interests and ideas that have surprised us by how deeply resonant they are? 

Both The World and The Hanged Man ask us to take these things seriously (especially if they feel wonderful and exciting) and dare us to expand our ideas about ourselves and the lives we can live. It doesn't do anyone justice if we act as if we're relegated to singing pop songs into our hairbrush when in fact we belong on a big stage, performing for an adoring audience. 

And that's where The Lovers comes in: We're at an important crossroads and it's one that's requiring us to identify our true desires and interests. If we embrace the wise inquisitiveness of The Hanged Man and give ourselves space to observe our lives with curiosity, we can discover a new through-line that's enticing us forwards. It might be so lovely and resonant that it feels outlandish. Who are we to ask for so much?

Helpfully enough, The World also instructs us that, whether we're aware of it or not, this important piece of our experience is very much active in our lives. It simply deserves more attention and support. What's more, we should be looking for something that makes us feel a bit nervous and exposed - The World is a big card, after all, and stepping into it can make us feel vulnerable, even when it's in the service of our progress. We can and should build upon what lights us up. After all, it radiates outwards and makes a much bigger impact than we can ever know.