Taking the Incandescent Tarot Blog into 2019


I can hardly believe that I’ve been maintaining this website and blog going on three years now. What started as a home for my new tarot business has become the home to a full catalog of tarot card meanings, over 100 weekly forecasts, and a whole bevy of musings and more.

I almost wish you could see me when I first started to work on this site. I think my husband actually has a photo of me typing away while visiting my family in Hawaii, but I’m very sweaty in it and wearing a voluminous muumuu, so I’ll just let your imagination fill in the blanks!

Needless to say, there’ve been some lulls and spikes in action, and I’m now at a much different phase in my business and tarot practice. Which means… a few changes for this lovely blog that I hope will a) be more sustainable as my business grows and b) be more delightful for you amazing readers.

Seriously, I am so awed and honored to have you along for this journey. When I first started blogging it definitely felt like screaming into the internet void. How many people were actually reading about my takes on the court cards? As it turned out, not very many! But as I’ve stuck with it my readership has grown and each person who looks at my site is such a gift. It never gets old for me.

I recently posted an instagram story about what new content people would like to see here. (Despite the fact that whenever I say “content” a small part of me wriggles with discomfort. Because let’s be real, I’m less of an international tarot brand than a single person typing from their home in the woods of North Carolina.)

It turns out that a lot of you would like to see:

  • more pieces about working with intuition

  • more tarot spreads

  • and more personal reflections

So far, I’ve had a much more educational approach to tarot here. It’s been lovely and I’ve built up a sizeable database of resources! I’ve been reluctant, however, to tie in the cards’ meanings with my personal experiences with them. Well, that won’t be the case moving forward, and it’s true: I’ve found that real-life personal connections with the cards are the most helpful when it comes to forming our own connections.

In other words, real-life stories are far more resonant than another set of card meanings to memorize.

So look forward to writing about my tarot practice, how I see the cards, and ways to integrate them into your daily life, as well as some deep-dives into the tricky topic of intuition. Not to mention a whole new handful of tarot spreads.

And my sincere and resounding thanks for being a part of Incandescent Tarot throughout this journey. (Yes, I mean you, too, person reading this blog for the first time!) It means so much to be able to do what I do and to share the joy of tarot with others.

Now let me know what you’d like to see below! And stay tuned for more tarot magic.