Insights into Running a Tarot Business

I have to admit that I’m reluctant to dive into the oversaturated world of “business content.” There’s so much information out there about running & starting your own spiritual business, not to mention the fact that each of us does things differently: What works for me may not resonate with you or even work for you.

We all come to starting our own business from different places and will be operating them under different conditions.

So there’s my little caveat out of the way! I’ll be sharing my insights and experiences about the business side of my tarot life here.

Reading tarot professionally is wonderfully gratifying, creative, and fulfilling work. That is, if you like reading tarot, which I’m assuming you do since you’re here.

It’s also, however, emotionally draining, even with the best self-care practices and a tough sell in an oversaturated market. You can read more about my major lessons and ideas in this post; now, buckle up, and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

10 Tips for Starting & Running a Successful Tarot Business

  1. Make sure you’re ready for the other 90% of the work: Reading tarot takes up very little of your time as a professional. You’ll be creating content, marketing, engaging on social media, taking photos, cleaning your space, buying supplies, and so much more.

  2. Be consistent :It’s easy to start a million offerings and projects, but if you don’t follow through on them it looks unprofessional. Start small and stick to it, whether it’s a bi-weekly newsletter, weekly free tarot reading, or regular instagram posts. People want to hear from you and will be impressed by your dedication.

  3. Don’t overextend yourself: With the following point in mind, don’t put too much on your plate to the point where you can’t do it all. It’s far better to post one freebie regularly than it is to do five different things sporadically. Plus, it’s much easier for you.

  4. Remember, you make the rules: I spent a lot of time trying to push through stale ideas, adopt weird inauthentic marketing plans, and doing offerings I didn’t actually like out of a false sense of obligation. Of course, it’s good to stick with things, but if something simply isn’t working, you can make a change! This is the beauty of being your own boss.

  5. Have a clear brand and marketing strategy: This doesn’t have to be as stuffy as it sounds. Long story short, make sure you know who you are and what you’re selling, then make sure that your website, posts, copy, and branding reflect this message. Clear, straightforward, and easy-to-process material is the best. Once people get confused or oversaturated with text/information, they’re out.

  6. Market yourself more than you ever thought possible: People won’t get readings from you if they don’t know you exist. It’s easy to set up a website and print some business cards; getting people to book appointments with you is an entirely different story. Marketing doesn’t have to be soul-crushing (though this has been a LONG journey for me!) Get creative and have fun with it. Can you get interviewed on podcasts (or host one)? Contribute to online publications, blogs, social media accounts? Join Facebook groups, forums, and meetups? Be active and get your name out there, and don’t be afraid to hand out business cards and let people know what you’re offering.

  7. Value your time and stand behind your prices: There are a lot of people who offer readings for free online, but not you: Your’e a professional. Giving away readings is often an ineffective business strategy. Don’t feel pressured to give into pushy people. Once you begin your business, you are a pro reader and people should pay you for your time.

  8. Do the math!: Before you start your business, consider how much you’d like or need to get from it. This will be different if you’re starting part-time (which I heartily recommend) or full-time. Tarot is not an intrinsically lucrative career path. If anyone is telling you that you can make three figures in a month (and ESPECIALLY if they’re asking you to pay for a class) they’re lying. It takes a lot to get consistent booking and, even so, you only have a finite amount of time. Look at your goals, map out how many clients you’d need to book to meet them, and plan accordingly.

  9. Diversify your offerings: If you just offer one-on-one readings, you’re limited to an income stream that requires your active time and presence. Add other ways to make money that don’t require as much labor like group classes or events, and, even better, can give you passive income like online self-directed courses.

  10. Get engaged with the community: Collaborating with, supporting, and connecting with other business owners and members of the tarot community is a wonderful way to stay inspired. Look for facebook groups, meetups, or reach out on social media. Tarot people are quite lovely and it’s so healing to have a sense of belonging and support.