XI - Justice



Justice is a straightforward card at first glance. It symbolizes justice itself along with truth, facts, and balanced decision making.

The Hierophant Ride Waite Tarot Card

This is a card that deals with the process of balancing the scales in any given situation. In order to do this it’s important to have a steady hand: Justice tells us that we must be firmly rooted in positive values and sure of the information when making our next move, especially when it involves others.

Because of this Justice teaches us the importance of non-attachment and neutrality when dealing with multifaceted situations. Strong emotions, wishful thinking, and false information can sway us away from just actions. This card teaches us the importance of staying grounded in what we can prove is the truth as well as the positive values that benefit all people.

At times Justice can signify over-reliance on certainty. It’s important to remember that balance is a process and not an outcome. The scale of Justice is constantly wiggling towards balance and this shows us that we must have a worldview that includes these tremors. Otherwise we risk becoming rigid and domineering, expecting perfection when the world is far from perfect.

In readings this card can show up when we’re looking for answers and trying to ascertain what’s the best step forward. This can be strictly personal, but Justice typically involves larger, more community-based decisions. What’ best not only for us, but also for our friends, families, and the larger social structures we’re a part of. It’s important to check our egos when engaging with questions like these and remain open to other people’s truths.

In daily life, Justice can point towards legal situations, disputes, and the pursuit of justice in our relationships with others. It is a card that advises us to play by the book, looking to the structures in place to help us achieve balance.


Equality, balance, fairness, values, morals, law & legal issues, decisions, positions of power

Life Situations

Contending with injustice, seeking fairness, looking for retribution, dealings with legal and governmental institutions, looking for a solution that’s best for all, making a balanced decision, listening to your higher self, relying on facts

Positive Attributes

Clear-eyed, unbiased, firmly rooted in ideals, community-minded, open

Negative Attributes

Detached from daily concerns of people, lack of nuance, tendency to erase differences, institutional

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