Weekly Forecast: February 18-24

Three Card Reading Rider Waite Smith Tarot

We have the unique opportunity this week to mull over some important decisions. Now is not a time for speed, trust falls into the universe, or rash actions. Rather, any powerful feelings around change are merited and useful. So long as we don't let them become paralyzing, that is. And the good news is that we have plenty of time. 

With Justice and Judgment bookending the seemingly passive Seven of Pentacles, one could look at this week's spread and see us being hemmed in by epic experiences and realizations:

Is the principled action bringing us to a pivotal and momentous change? Do we need a kick in the pants to move us from the introspection and critique of the Seven of Pentacles and into the sometimes-jarring "a-ha" moment of Judgment?

It's not quite as simple, and the key card here is not one of the Major Arcana. Instead, it's the placid Seven of Pentacles: we are holding the reins (or, in this case, hoe) and we have time to examine our past choices so that we can listen to our inner voice moving forward.

It's not a glamorous moment, but it's one where we can do some important work that will make things so much easier down the road. Because taking stock and peering closer at the everyday brings us closer to our own experience. That way, when we have to make changes or figure out what we really want, we have actual evidence to call upon. Not the alluring bombast of these Major Arcana cards, but real insight into our human experience. What we need right now is a loving gaze into who we are and what we've done so far.

In the story of these cards we can see that our current situation is the result of a period of hard work. What's more, it's hard work driven by important ideals and values. We were planed and principled, fully inhabiting the role of Justice, and now the data is in. Whatever we've been cultivating has sprouted, grown, and borne fruit. 

Our task now is to take a look at what we've cultivated - what's worked, what hasn't, and how we've felt about the whole process. We're not after a big epiphany and we can do ourselves a favor by striping away any judgment and pressure. Our challenge here is to see things for what they are as well as our role in creating our current situation. 

As we peer into what's actually happening we can see what it's done for us and, perhaps, who we've become throughout the process. Some of what we find may be surprising and it's our job to value each discovery equally. Maybe something that's going smashingly doesn't resonate with us at all. Maybe a certain task we though would be dull is actually enrapturing and fun. 

Underneath all this examination and circling back to our personal experience lies a valuable intuitive message. It's as if we're archaeologists, carefully brushing away dust and debris on a normal looking patch of earth to slowly reveal something unknown and important. This would be our Judgment moment, that time when our intuitive voice becomes loud an unmistakable. 

So this week we can patiently take stock and see what feels authentic and what doesn't, trusting that we're working towards the clarity of Judgement and that we don't need to rush. Intuition and guidance can be hiding in plain sight and sometimes our task is to gently tease it out and give it room to speak more loudly.