Weekly Forecast: October 2-8

Tarot Reading with the Fountain Tarot

What does it take to adjust an imbalance?

Is it serene wisdom? A drastic event that reminds us we need to move onto something different?

Now is a time where we'll be walking somewhere in the middle. It's tricky going - we're being asked to navigate forward without clear-cut certainty - yet at the same time we're being given a beautiful opportunity to step up and own our own adventure. 

In the first week of October we're being coaxed out of a false sense of security and into a journey towards something more meaningful. Sure, we don't have the elusive widsom that our decision is completely safe and completely right, but how often does that come along in life? And is that a feeling we should even be looking for?

The Four of Coins speaks to our talent for adaptation. We're resourceful creatures, able to make do in all manners of situations. We strive to create a safe corner of the world for ourselves with what we've been given and when we succeed it feels wonderful. We're safe and stable and, like the coins in this card, able to look out from our cozy tent at the beautiful yet inhospitable landscape around us.

This worldview, however, can be quite limiting. Looking at the world as a dangerous and limiting place and directing our energy towards protecting what we have focuses us on maintaining - a scarcity mentality tactic - instead of reaching out and allowing our life to unfurl in myriad, unpredictable directions.

Justice has shown up in our reading to tell us that we've been lingering in the safe tent of the Four of Coins for too long. There's an imbalance that we need to correct and we're being coaxed out slowly, asked to stretch our legs and prepare to strike out in a new direction.

Sometimes we might perversely long for the terrible certainty of The Tower. In that card we have no choice, our world has been turned upside down and the only thing we can do is rebuild. This is a much more beautiful and compelx situation and far less drastic. It's a time for thoughtfulness, mindful delibration, and, above all, replacing a cold view of the world and ourselves with one of warmth and tenderness. 

But let's return to the tent for a little while longer. It's a good opportunity to look around and see what it is we've been clinging to for safety and reassurance. Oftentimes this card refers to old ideas and habits we've inherited through our family, that first unit that shapes our worldview so profoundly. We didn't choose to pick up these building blocks, they were just there, either presented to us by our parents knowingly or absorbed as we grew up.

As I'm sure many of us can attest to, it can be a mixed bag. Something about our old assumptions has led us to huddle in a tent that's far too small for us. They may have worked for us in the past, helped us or hindered us. What's clear now, however, is that we've grown. Like a plant that's too big for its pot, we're chafing at the edges and ready to be transplanted into the ground. 

This is a beautiful moment and I'm tickled that it's showing up in our reading for the first week of October. Justice and the Eight of Cups encapsulate our brave expansion. We're striking out, looking to elarge our lives, daring to ask for more, and doing so with the bravery and self-respect that mark a moment when we're ready to discover more about the principles, ideas, and motivations we'd like to frame our lives with. 

And my favorite part? Though this all sounds like pretty heady stuff, it's simply another step along our life path, and extreme thinking is part of the Four of Coins' "crowded tent mentality." Instead, we're stepping out to grow more excited, open, and expansive with each step. What I'm saying is, we'll be welcomed with open arms as we dare to ask for more and seek more rewarding experiences and relationships. We're walking towards more ease, reciprocity, and lightness. It just might be a little scary and intimidating at first, all the more reason to embrace gentleness and creativity as we take those first steps.