Weekly Forecast: Oct 17-23

Cards from the magnificent  Circo Tarot.

Cards from the magnificent Circo Tarot.


Oh my. What a dose of energy these cards have! The reading for the week has us looking forward with burning passion in our eyes. What motivates us and aligns with our values? Find out and follow it, these cards say.

Internally, you’re finding a sweet spot: the place where your vision and vigor join hands. It feels right. It looks doable. It’s not just a mundane task. It might be… dare I say it… a calling.

Sometimes the frisson of intellect and emotion is too much. And sometimes it creates a delightful sense of excitement. Now is one of those times. All that soul-searching you’ve been doing has brought you into a place of action. Think of it like this: you were meticulously building the podium you’re about to give a speech from. It was hard work. Detail oriented and precise. But you’ve laid the ground for something magnificent.

So take that energy outward. Now is the time to step into the sunlight and get back into the scrappy act of “doing shit.” It’s nice out here, isn’t it? With the wind in your face and a sense of purpose, who wouldn’t feel invigorated. So feel it! Revel in the start of this new journey and don’t squander the “go get ‘em” gusto you’re brimming with right now.

There’s a sense of getting lost in the joy of work. Focus on the task at hand and certainly not the “over there.” After all, each accomplishment is made of thousands of small actions. Take things one step of the time.

Something to keep in mind: It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m not talking about “using tweezers to place the herb garnish on your culinary masterpiece” work, here. More of the kind of work that reflects your vitality and humanity. And we all know being human is messy and delightful business. This week’s energy makes this kind of work invigorating and fulfilling, so get to it and enjoy all the things you’re capable of.

It looks like proceeding down this path will bring you all sorts of payoffs. If you remain true to your original motivation – the why instead of the what – you’ll soon reap the satisfaction of completing a project that truly expresses who you are and what you stand for.

You know the saying, “it’s not the journey, but the destination?” Of course you do. It’s been in yearbooks and on inspirational cat posters for millennia. There’s another part to this ancient wisdom besides the “stop to smell the flowers” message. That is, if you were magically teleported to your destination, nobody would get to see the steps it took you to get there.

Know that in remaining focused and creating your vision you have an audience of people who appreciate what you do. Your work does not go unnoticed. In fact, it is probably inspiring to others (people appreciate the integrity of those who are true to themselves. Authenticity resonates!) And is also why you’ll have a group of supporting folks to cheer for you when you succeed.

Peachy stuff, indeed.

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