Weekly Forecast: Oct 10-16

These delightufl and vivid cards are from the  Tarot del Fuego

These delightufl and vivid cards are from the Tarot del Fuego


Sometimes I look around my house and feel intense frustration. There’s a pile of dishes in the sink already and dog hair all over the floor. Haven’t I been doing dishes all week already? Doesn’t this ever stop??

 In times like this I get a wild and reckless feeling. I’d rather burn the house down, start from scratch than was another dish!

I’m tickled to see a flaming upside-down house in the five of pentacles from the Tarot del Fuego. It reminds me of the caginess that can pop up in our day-to-day lives. The illustration is unique: tears with flaming pentacles inside cascading down a cheek covered in thorns. Heavy stuff, indeed! And one of the reasons I love this deck.

Frustration. Tears spilled over material matters. You may be feeling cagey in your home, your routine, your financial situation. Things may be tight and tensions may be high. For whatever reason, what you have right now just doesn’t seem to be enough.

The eight of wands follows in this theme, this time in the realm of work and creativity. You’ve been a busy bee and have jumped into a new project and idea. Perhaps you’re so engaged with it because you can escape from the material frustrations at home. It’s something exciting that came to you in a flash of inspiration. You set the wheels in motion and now the plan has been set into motion.

That was fast! And you’ve done a lot of work already. We see a huge fortress, its towers wrapped with wands. Buried at its base is a heart and two flames. These signify the passion and love behind your project. That flash of inspiration? It came from a good place. What you’re doing resonates with you. It’s exciting and it’s worth following.

But those walls sure look bulky, don’t they? In fact, they dwarf the heart that remains hidden underneath. And that ominous cloud full of eyes and flashing lightening? Not looking so good.

It looks like the passion project has become burdened with unnecessary extras. The substance got lost in hubbub of all the action. There’s no need to build the biggest, tallest, strongest next best thing. Especially when you’re just starting out.

You can smother your inspiration by piling needless work and too many bells and whistles on top. You want a curated collection that reflects your vision, not a crowded knickknack shelf (though those are delightful in their own right.)

Wrapping ourselves in our achievements can be a way of masking our insecurities. Focus on the fire beneath you, not the fear. Fire needs oxygen to burn bright. Don’t choke it out, otherwise you’ll invite the ominous clouds to make adjustments for you.

And maybe some of the dissatisfaction you’re experiencing with your home and financial situation is weaseling its way into this undertaking. Know that the underlying spark behind it is just what you need to better your situation and shake off that restlessness. You just need to buckle in, do the work, and stay connected to your original goals.

Look towards the two of swords (it rhymes and it stays!) as you hone this new project. Now is a time to plan by reconnecting with your daydreams. That is, to harness the magical combination of your mind and intuition. Savor this time to yourself and limit confusing outside input, including comparisons with others.

You might be sensitive about people’s judgements and run the risk of shelving your project because of a bad reaction. Your tender dream doesn’t deserve that! Keep it close, feed and nurture it. Use this time to get to know yourself. Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

This card suggests a reconnection to the hidden parts of your personality. Maybe something you were passionate about as a child, some part of yourself that came naturally and gave you great amounts of joy. And this part may have been met with some resistance back then. Did you hide it away and now it’s waking up, telling you it might be ready to come out soon?

Revel in the magic that happens when a part of yourself is awakening. Look inward and be dazzled by the unfurling. Support it with your thoughts. Do you need to train yourself to be nicer, kinder to yourself? Have your thoughts get to know this new spark. They get to protect each other, and given the time, they can make a big change in your life.