Weekly Forecast: May 8-14

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We’re caught in a transitional period this week, digesting deeper truths about ourselves while trying our best to make sense of our daily lives. On their own, one of these would be more than enough to keep us busy. Together they’re pushing us towards a seemingly inescapable sense of overwhelm.

It’s natural to throw up a flurry of activity to distract ourselves from personal concerns. Like the Seven of Wands, the underling turmoil gives us energy. Rather than looking inward to meet it where it lives, we prefer to fling it outwards instead.

It’s bustling, dramatic, and easy to hide behind. Who can get upset when you’re just working hard and getting things done?

As much as we’d like to insist that we’re being pragmatic and hard-working, the dust we’re kicking up serves a purpose.

Why is the strong character in the Seven leaping down the stairs to defend himself? Why not use his energy to leap upwards, towards something new?

Sometimes we’re more comfortable confronting old demons than blazing new and unknown paths. The man in the Seven of Wands didn’t grow strong completely on his own. Maybe he feels he needs to be fighting off enemies to stay that way. Maybe simply walking up those stairs makes him feel weak.

Well, that sounds exhausting. And it doesn’t leave much room for ease and exploration. What do we do then?

We have to create meaning that comes straight from ourselves and not struggle or distraction.

This might be scary, since it involves truly standing behind who we are and what we want. There’s nothing to hide behind, no excuses to offer. It’s just us and our own values and desires.

Judgement shows us that we’re reacting with understandable fear and insecurity to something that’s actually quite beautiful. We’ve been getting some clear messages about what’s important to us and who we really are.

Rather than leap towards the light we question it. Before we know it we’re tossing around sticks and feeling lost in the fray like the Seven of Wands. Our backs are turned away from the next steps forward.

Luckily things can’t stay this way for long. Judgement is a powerful card and as much as we try to ignore it, there’s no going back when we find something pivotal out about ourselves. Maybe it’s a dream that’s laid dormant for a while, something secret you wouldn’t even admit to wanting. Or maybe it’s a desire, something you want in your heart of hearts and don’t want to accept.

Well, here it is. You’ve gotten a glimpse at it and try as you might you can’t forget it. It’s natural to leap out of this awareness and into the confusion of the Seven of Wands. And this is not altogether negative. Sure, a dream or desire or truth about yourself is purely what it is. It’s an idea, after all. Making it come true, however, is not so simple.

The moment of Judgement – seeing something for what it is – is just a moment. When we try to make something out of it, well, it gets messy because we’re bringing an idea into the complexities of everyday life.

We end with The Star to remind us to be gentle with ourselves as we start grappling with making a dream into a reality. Yes, we’ll be tempted to run back down the stairs and grapple with old fears, but we can’t remain stuck down there and we won’t.

Why? Because when you see a dream for what it is for the first time you also see the power of your own guiding light that illuminates the way. And that’s utterly, and completely yours.