Weekly Forecast: May 15-21

Tarot Reading with Kitty Kahane Tarot

Life can rush by us and sometimes we’re the ones rushing through life.

This can be negative – think “sad businessperson too focused on career to appreciate the little things” – but when applied with purpose and precision? It can help clear way for the very “little things” we cherish most.

With a little effort we can direct the forward-moving action of the Knight of Swords towards accomplishing our work goals, clearing the path for other areas of our life.

We start the week feeing speedy and determined. It’s a glorious way to get going. Our busy schedules are no match for precise thinking and confident decision making. I like to call this Knight of Swords approach “first coffee energy,” the blissful feeling of alertness you get after you drink your first cup in the morning. You’re bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle things, and a long way off from being an over-caffeinated mess.

Of course it’s a smart idea to have a plan when rushing full speed ahead while swinging a giant sword over your head. Knights can have the tendency to ignore any subtlety when they set off on their grand adventures so while you’re valiantly checking off items on your to-do list, be mindful about how you’re treating others.

But just where is the Knight of Swords leading us? What is the motivation behind our satisfyingly effective productivity?

The Knight of Swords transitions into the sweet energy of the Six of Cups showing us that our pointed efficiency is giving us the beautiful opportunity to connect with both ourselves and others. In the middle of the week we find that our hard work has given us a lovely bit of respite to stop and smell the roses, check in with an old friend, or spend extra time with our family.

It’s important to connect with the ones we love this week, making time to cultivate relationships and celebrate the wonders they add to our lives. Just look at all the cups in this card: they're full of blooming flowers.

There’s another side to the Six of Cups that feels especially important this week. We can look at the two figures as symbols representing ourselves: our adult self and our inner child.

Take the time to do something for yourself this week that speaks to this part of you. Something simple that you like just beacause. Treat yourself to a book on a subject that fascinates you, eat something decadent you loved when you were young, go on an imaginative adventure.

Pay attention to how you feel when you let yourself do something for your inner child. How does it change the way you see the world? Do you feel guilty at first? Does it inspire you, make you feel more like yourself?

Instead of being frivolous, reconnecting like this can give us a wonderful sense of balance and energy.

We see this as the Six brings us into the grounded power of the Queen of Pentacles. Pleasure and a healthy relationship with our inner child fosters a truly holistic sense of stability. Like the Queen we can bask in the energy of the world, seeing ourselves as both ambitious and effective and tender and curious.

All while remaining open to what life has in store for us.