Weekly Forecast: March 6-12

Tarot Reading with Rider Waite Cards

I don’t know what it is, but I have a strong need to convince myself and others that I am not into drama. I’m a rational person! I’m calm, considered, caring! Life is just fine for me in its dependable routine, thank you very much. I’m perfectly content over here.

Or am I?

We see declarations like this a lot in delicious, hard to resist reality TV – characters emphatically telling the camera that they hate stirring up drama and then… stirring up some ridiculous and highly entertaining conflict.

This thing is, without these shenanigans we wouldn’t tune in. It would be boring. Like any romantic movie worth its salt, the story needs some easily avoidable misunderstanding to add tension and spice.

This feeling can pop up in our everyday lives, causing us to do a double take. Me? Bored with my life and craving a dramatic disruption? That is, if we even catch it in the first place. 

It’s important to admit that we can often create the situations we like to bemoan as if they fell down onto us from the heavens spontaneously. Sometimes we want to feel like the stakes are high and our decisions are charged with big meaning.

After all, it’s more satisfying to run around trying to put out a fire than it is identifying a small tweak you need to make so that your week is more productive.

This week finds us tempted to confuse confusion with calamity. When we see a powerful card like The Tower it can refer to actual events or simply our intense reactions. We might be tempted to assume that this card, in all its fiery drama, trumps the rest of the reading. There it is, front row and center. Something terrible is coming our way!

In other words, a nice, heaping serving of distracting drama.

In this reading, The Tower is a red herring. We’re feeling a creeping sense of dissatisfaction and we don’t know why. Are we more tempted this week to run around like the sky is falling than walk towards our dissatisfaction and investigate its source? Maybe the answer is yes, and this is entirely, understandably human.

Sometimes the energy of The Tower is a welcome distraction from the drudgery of the everyday, though we might not want to admit it at first.

Luckily, we have a choice. Do we turn our lives into a high drama because we’re feeling a tad anxious? Maybe the resulting freakout will be cathartic, but it will also send things tumbling we might not want to fall.

Or do we choose the less romantic route and explore why we’re craving the dramatic shakeup in the first place? In doing so, we have the opportunity to circumvent the chaos and skip ahead to pursuing what we really need to add zest to our lives.

Either way, this reading cheekily suggests, we’re going to have to contend with our dissatisfaction. The dominant color in these cards is a tepid, seafoam green. We see it in the background of both the Four of Cups and the Eight of Cups, but it’s also present in the robes of the people plummeting from The Tower.

This tells us that we’re carrying the feeling with us whether we like it or not. After we fall from the tower, we dust off our robes, and guess what? They’re still green.

So whether we choose to stir up a kerfuffle of distraction a la The Tower this week or not, we’re going to have to contend with these sticky feelings. The Four of Cups sees us wanting to ignore them, but in doing so also ignoring possible solutions. As we move forward in the week, however, we see ourselves journeying into a horizon of seafoam, embracing our true emotional landscape and moving towards it with bravery and curiosity.

Whether we reach this place of acceptance by wrestling through our dramatic distractions or stepping around them, now is a good time to think about what we’re missing and how we can seek it out for ourselves. The lovely thing is we can’t avoid these little adventures in life, so let’s get exploring and use restlessness to bring excitement into our lives instead of preventable chaos.

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