Weekly Forecast: March 13-19

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Spring has come early this year. In my neighborhood many of the flowers have already burst through the ground and bloomed. The daffodils have run their course and the lilacs and azaleas are taking up the torch.

We’re entering a brighter world. Just last night all of us in the United States set our clocks forward, ushering in longer and lighter days. (And also a few sluggish mornings as we make the adjustment.)

So of course, yesterday had to begin with a cold snap and a little snow. Aside from giving me a good opportunity to use up the last of my firewood, the last gasp of frostiness just seemed past the point.

Even though it’s as definite sign of winter as you can get, the snow didn’t last long. The ground has been basking in the warmth for weeks now – it’s balmy temperature melted the snowflakes in no time. Thank goodness.

The cards for this week show something similar happening to us all. We’ve been soaking up lots of energy and change (just look at the last few forecasts!) that has warmed us, gradually bringing us to a serene place of emotional fulfillment.

This relative peace might be surprising. We’ve been busy with all sorts of big picture developments and the momentum from all this change will carry over into the week for a bit. Overall, however, all the action is subsiding, giving us a beautiful opportunity to let things be and experience the gentleness that comes with knowing ourselves better.

The Ace of Wands shows us how we’re bursting into a new phase. Aces signify beginnings and this hand grasping a budding branch reflects both the literal season and our blossoming this week. We’ll be feeling inspired in the most natural way, ideas emerging with ease and grace.

It’ll be invigorating, but without the stress that comes with “making things happen.” Now is a good time to focus on the beauty and fun in our plans and ideas. While we’re creating them - it's a good moment to avoid rushing into frenetic doing. Like content chickens, we get to sit on our eggs a while, daydreaming before they hatch.

The Waxing Gibbous card furthers the theme of development. All of this is moving us towards a serene depiction of The Queen of Cups: Lunar tides bringing calm waters to lap at our feet. It’s a lovely image that reinforces the glorious full moon we saw last night. We’re in a phase of alignment with nature that is set to bring out the best in us, particularly in our emotional and creative spaces.

So how can we foster the energy of the Queen of Cups? Now is a time to pay gentle and loving attention to ourselves and our feelings. What brings us joy and contentment? How can we move towards these things, making them a more integral part of our lives?

Looking at The Queen of Cups we can see how focusing on our emotional lives with curiosity and acceptance brings both peace and stability. We all know that water changes constantly – it can be flowing, tumultuous, serene, and violent. It can cascade from the sky as rain, follow the moon with the tide, and even blanket the ground as snow.

In Tarot water symbolizes emotions and relationships. The Queen of Cups governs over them with flexibility and grace. This week the cards are urging us to hold ourselves gently and look at the waters in our lives, in whatever form they take, with acceptance and nonjudgement.

This is how the Queen keeps her power and remains grounded while being so close to a sea of feelings. No matter how much the waters change she accepts them for what they are. In peering into them she is able to learn about herself more and become inspired by her changing self.

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