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Weekly Forecast: September 30 - October 6

I'm struggling with how to frame this reading, dear friends, since it has a unique energy. The virtuous Six of Pentacles is on one side, anchoring us in our desire to help and provide for others. On the other, however, we have the uneasy and dissatisfied Four of Cups. It's as if our outside life is masking our more turbulent feelings, and the decisive King of Swords is mediating between the two.

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Weekend Send-Off: Getting Spooky

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge Halloween fanatic. In recent years, however, I’ve fallen off the wagon of making epic costumes. Some highlights from my glory days: going as a shrimp tempura roll, a toaster (very impractical for dancing), and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

But this year is a return to form! After months of ebay searching I finally found the perfect dress for my Beetlejuice-themed costume. I’m going as Lydia Deetz in the wedding scene, heinous 80s red dress and all. It feels wonderful playing with costumes again. There’s something so magical about the outer and inner transformations that happen when we change our appearance.

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Weekly Forecast: September 10-16

What does it look like when we take care of ourselves? Lately, it seems like elaborate baths filled with fancy oils and crystals are all the rage. Or maybe a profound meditation practice? A walk outside? Yet sometimes caring for ourselves diverges from the popular and palatable (and photographable) practices du jour. The Star shows us mulling all this over at the beginning of the week, seeking ways to connect to our source that are deeply personal and, relievingly, private. 

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Weekly Forecast: July 23-30

The way we live these days it's easy to feel like we don't have enough. How often are we taking in messages about consumption without even knowing it? I think back to my great grandmother. We still have a set of china that belonged to her in the family. It's a huge set, from back in the day when having a gravy boat that matched your soup tureen (who still uses those?!) was the pinnacle of class and sophistication.

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