Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Sevens

In this series we'll be diving into the world of the Minor Arcana. Each segment will group the cards by number where we can engage in their themes and differences. For all the posts in the installment, click here.

The growth and harmony of the sixes quickly gets complicated with the topsy-turvy sevens. This group of cards illustrates the necessary shakeups that takes us out of our comfort zone and towards the next level. We may struggle in this moment of adjustment, but this gives us the opportunity to test ourselves and emerge all the wiser and affirmed with valuable knowledge.

As a number, seven pops up frequently in mythology and superstition - think snow white and the seven dwarfs and "lucky number seven." Because of this, the sevens hold a great deal of mystery and a spiritual undertone, whether literally or through a more general "deeper meaning."

Explore In-Depth Minor Arcana Meanings

The  Seven of Wands sees the fiery energy of the suit back at it again. The six, with its happy victory parade, is calm and content with success. This feeling, however, is feeling and the seven shows the exhilaration and motivation that comes from action.

For the Seven of Swords is delightfully tricky. Like the Seven of Wands, this cards energy is somewhat challenging. Wielded irresponsibly, say by sneaking off with seven literal swords, it can be harmful and deceptive. With understanding of the necessity of lightheartedness and play, it can add a refreshing zest to life. As a swords card, it also refers to the rejuvenating force of mental experimentation and games when it comes to shaking up old ideas or plans.

The Seven of Cups shows both the bounty and overwhelming power of our imaginations. We're able to conjure up the most fantastic situations, ideas, and even feelings. Without direction, however, we can get frozen in the face of all those possibilities. This card shows us the wonder of daydreaming, spiritual seeking, and uninhibited emotions as well as their shadow sides: it's easy to lose sight of ourselves in the face of all these visions.

Finally, the Seven of Pentacles unsurprisingly seems to channel the destabilizing energy of the sevens best. Being all about, well stability, the pentacles expression of this group of cards is one of reflection and achievement, though not in the boastful sense. Rather we see a contemplative farmer gazing at a vine blossoming with golden pentacles. Their hard work has paid off, giving them a moment to reflect, learn, and plan for the future. Perhaps there is even a hidden message as well...