Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Wands


The Seven of Wands showcases the power and stress of individual action. The central character stands atop a hill raising their wand with determination and strength against a sea of wands below. This card shows us how action, tension, and conflict give meaning to our lives. We feel enlivened, productive, and, as we can see in the figure's expression, more than a little bit stressed out. Unlike the decisive flow of the wands in the Eight, this card reflects how defensive action roots us to a place, idea, or goal too much. In fighting to keep our ground we're unable to move forward. We are, however, focused and effective for some time. 


Action, determination, struggle, busyness, focus, stress, pressure.

Appears As

A period of high pressure work, busy schedules, competing tasks and obligations, a "do or die" mentality, feeling backed into a corner, using conflict to create meaning, hiding behind obligations or work, a test to hone one's skills.