Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Cups


What a colorful, confusing array! The Seven of Cups showcases the expanse and creativiy of the imagination. We're able to conjure forth a sea of imagery, ideas, and information with just our minds, and this ability can be as frutiful as it is distracting. This card shows both the inspiring nature of the imagination as well as its overwhelming side. When channeled correctly, the energy of this card can lead to a necessary, lighthearted, and profound breakthrough. Thinking outside the box yields helpful creativity. Conversely, if we get trapped in a cloud of alluring "what ifs" we run the risk of neglecting the complicated reality of daily life. 


Imagination, creativity, choices, distraction, incoherence, vision.

Appears As

Heightened creativity, innovative thinking, active imagination, storytelling, losing oneself in daydreams or lofty visions, a flash of insight, idealizing people or situations, living in the "what if," feeling detached from one's identity.