Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Sixes

In this series we'll be diving into the world of the Minor Arcana. Each segment will group the cards by number where we can engage in their themes and differences. For all the posts in the installment, click here.

From the conflict-ridden fives we emerge into the relaxing, harmonious world of the sixes. Here, the cards refelct themes of balance, peace, and sentimentality. There's an aura of rest surrounding the sixes (which makes sense after all the grappling that takes place in the fives.) 

After emerging from a struggle we gain appreciation for what we have and a hard-won sense of relaxation. It's a time to enjoy, look around us, and contemplate how far we've come or even to process events from the past we were unable to examine without some distance. 

The sixes aren't radical cards, at least at face value. Their way of existing in the world is more mellow, though there's still plenty of valuable action taking place. Instead of revolutionizing, the sixes deal with reevaluating. How can we look back on our past experiences in light of our lives right now? Let's look at the individual cards to see how these themes play out across the suites.

Explore In-Depth Minor Arcana Meanings

The  Six of Wands is an emphatically victorious card. We can almost feel the sense of elation in the illustration of a celebratory parade. A figure sits astride a horse confidently, with a wreath perched on the top of his wand. This is the moment when our hard work and struggles breaks through to success. Action has built up to accomplishment, and now it's our moment in the sun. In addition to soaking up the adulation and contentment of victory, we're also given a chance to reflect back on our past deeds and make plans for the future.

For the Six of Swords is more muted. Here, victory was hard won and involves the wisdom of knowing when to leave a situation behind. We're off to seek better, more hospitable shores, guided by the wisdom we've gained from our past experiences. This transition is also time for reflection, particularly surrounding our knowledge. With this space we can now work to reframe our struggles, hurts, and challenges, evaluating whether they've hardened into insight or no longer serve us.

The Six of Cups is a joyous and tender card that sees us returning to a sense of emotional satisfaction. Embracing innocence and openness invites in sustaining and reciprocal relationships. This is a card of caring, pure connections, and basking in the glow of others. There's a strong nostalgic bent to this card and the six of cups can often point to reflections of our childhood or situations and relationships that speak to the child within us. 

Finally, the Six of Pentacles ushers in a sense of material stability that allows us to behave generously and to consider how we want to share our wealth, both literal and figurative. Having firm ground beneath our feet allows us to focus on both building and giving back. As such, this card can also refer to moments when we have to contend with guilt around finances, or more generally what money means to us. 

As balanced, reflective cards the sixes are almost interludes during a journey. During rest or periods of plenty we have more room to think, dream, and enjoy. For more detailed meanings, click above. What are your thoughts on the sixes? Share in the comments below!